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Thanks for the heads-up duder.

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@dungbootle: I just found out once I got to the checkout that it's not much of a sale. They don't do free shipping and it costs $15 for shipping. So it's really only $15 off. Not worth it to me to have to wait a week for the thing to get here to save $15 when I can just go buy it after work for basically the same price at any other store.

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This seems to be a Canadian sale because US Toys R Us is still showing the standard pricing.

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Thanks for the heads up. $20 in saving isn't bad so I got the blue 3DS XL.

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Any idea how long it will last?

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Gaaah...I don't wanna spend my money, but gaaah, I want a 3DS.

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@aegon said:

Gaaah...I don't wanna spend my money, but gaaah, I want a 3DS.

Are you a thief class? It's risky, but if you can make a charisma check, use your daily, then proc the stealth check as you walk to the door and you could get a 3DS and save your money. It's risky however.

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Cowboom (Best Buy's used items online store) has a used 3DS for $79.99 if you include the code "3DS20"


I've never purchased from there before, but it states that there might be some wear and tear on the device itself, so IDK how good of condition it would be in. Seems like a steal though.