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I've been playing my 3DS since about Christmas and the only friend I have on there is my little brother. I'd love to interact with more players. Especially if play the new Animal Crossing. My friend code is 2723-8445-5277. So please, let's exchange codes and have fun! :)

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Hey, although I don't have Animal Crossing I have been playing my 3DS waaay more than my PS3, 360, and definitely the Wii U :( Anyways, right now I am playing Shin Megami Tensei IV and Project X Zone. I'd love some tags, coop, or whatever. Thanks for the post! Do you have Wii U?

3DS friend code: 1418-6820-7373

Pluto... I added ya. Holla!

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Unfortunately I don't have a Wii U but i definitely play my 3DS quite frequently. I will definitely add you to my list! :)

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@plutoprincess: If you're looking to find some friends to play New Leaf, I would recommend posting in this thread! :D