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The big kicker? The price is going to be 25000 yen. (approximately $300)
 I mean, the 3DS is awesome and all, but I did a quick double take like I do when Sony releases price information.
Hell, lets just say the price is $250, how many folks are willing to drop that for their kids in March.
I suspect a real slow start (a slow start for a Nintendo system I mean) then murder in the holiday season.
But for real, Nintendo is gambling here. 
Other info: Will come in two colors, Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue.
Will also have Mii support and access to Game Boy and GBA games via virtual console
Edit: here is the source

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I will be buying one regardless of the price, I think it looks pretty good.  Nintendo stuff always sells well so it will do fine.  Where did you get your information from.  Source link please.

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Updated the post. 

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im willing to buy it day 1. And I REALLY WANT LOVE PLUS 3D!

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I'll start saving now, and buy one on release day. Hell, l'll even preorder one if I have to. Seriously, I couldn't be more psyced!

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@scarace360 said:
" im willing to buy it day 1. And I REALLY WANT LOVE PLUS 3D! "
Same here. I'm still holding out hope that my favorite games will get a significant boost in 3D.
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I think its a good price for what your getting look at the games.

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Dollars means nothing to me. Whats that in pounds?

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@MysteriousBob said:

" Dollars means nothing to me. Whats that in pounds? "

Convertion rate makes it around £189.
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250$ =£250 usually when it comes to games n stuff

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@MysteriousBob said:

" Dollars means nothing to me. Whats that in pounds? "

$300 is about £190, but that doesn't mean that's the price it will be when it makes the trip across the pond. When you add 20% VAT it goes up to £228, and they'll probably round that up to £250.
But nothing is confirmed yet, they could very well sell it for less in western markets than in the Japanese markets.
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I'm surprised this hasn't shown up as front page news on Giantbomb.

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(sigh) time to start saving up. (looks at bank account) alright, I'm ready to buy it!

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If I start saving now I might be able to get it when it comes out, I just need to stop spending money on food and other such luxuries.

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When it makes it to Denmark it'll be more than 2000 Dkr, so you can get a ps3 at a lower price...  I think It's a gamble too. As it is (I work at a game store) people will rather buy the DS-lite than the Dsi...

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The $250-$300 price is a little discouraging for me. I have some other more important or 'desire more' purchases I'd rather put that much money towards. 
That being said, the Game Boy virtual console perked my interest. The Retro gamer in me wants a copy of Link's Awakening and Metroid 2. Who knows when Nintendo will get around to putting them out considering how hit and miss the Wii virtual console was.

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Luckily the March release date means that it won't be a hot holiday item.
Hopefully we don't have the supply issues like the Wii had
(which is supposedly the biggest reason for the release date)

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 You got me at "Game Boy Advance" and "Virtual Console." 
 Actually you got me at the first sentence, but regardless, finally, Virtual Console for Game Boy. 

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I will buy it
The launch games I'll get are animal crossing and havest moon
Hopfully we will seethe promised persona game and an elite beat agents 2 on the system

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@Ashler said:
" I'm surprised this hasn't shown up as front page news on Giantbomb. "
People outside Japan weren't allowed in, and this is only for Japan, it has no real relevance to the Western market yet.
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People always want something cheaper no matter what the price is.

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Depends on what the launch lineup looks like. If it's packed with all those games they showed in that one trailer- I guess I'll be $300 poorer. My big fear is that we still don't know the price of games and I'm starting to worry they will go higher. I paid $300 for an iPod Touch knowing it had 32GB of storage plus most games aren't more than $2. With this though... $50? Who knows. Did I miss something?

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The price is ridiculous. 
But, GBA games you say?! AWESOME.

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Day one purch.

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I will buy it, the price is a bit steep though. If there is any sale at all, or a price drop, then to me it's going to be worth it. I mean $300 is sort of current gen console prices.