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#101 Posted by kerse (2117 posts) -

I love seeing sleeping dogs up there for so many people

#102 Posted by Ares42 (2729 posts) -

@BisonHero: I'd say "have to" is an exageration. I remember reading threads about people who played through the game with quite different setups than mine. Also it seems more like a challenge thing, like "I've played through the game, now I'm gonna try to finish it with a full wizard team". The game even has a hidden challenge mode where you only play with one character (albeit stronger than normal characters).

#103 Posted by supamon (1333 posts) -

1. Guild Wars 2

2. The Walking Dead

3. Borderlands 2

Hopefully X-XOM, Halo 4, Assassin's Creed 3 or Dishonored will get bumped up in there. Dota 2 deserves a mention even though it's in beta.