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Day of Days

When I went on gamespot to give Kany and Lynch a shit review I was slapped in the face with ^THIS^
I thought it was extremely ironic that a gaming website that depends on it's community so much would do that. Truly a heartless act. I took a screenshot of it and have never had a good place to post it, but this is perfect. What are your thoughts?
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lol, cnet were the real problem

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thoughts? Does this need any thought at all?

I's BS, that's all their is to it

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you do realize what happened that caused this incident, right?

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I'm glad it happened, it help create this, and a burning hatred for gamespot after censoring the crap out of this.  I hope they have people look at this site and how happy people are.

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Well, that incident led to the creation of Giantbomb.

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Without the incedent, we would still be posting on GS and being warned my asshole mods.......probably
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