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2014: A Year of Small But Cool Changes

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Nice to see a clearer definition here, it gives you guys a lot of flexibility. Strange that other sites have been so slow to adapt.

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Well, it's certainly a neat idea. I also like that, Encyclopedia Bombastica finally got it's own section.

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Sounds great, please keep the videos coming!

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Look forward to more half assing!

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Badass, let's rock!

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So does this also count for thinks like battlefield 4?

e: aw dang just noticed I was beaten to the punch on that one. Good work @willin, and anyone else who may have made a similar joke.

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I like the idea, I often think you guys haven't covered something I was wondering about and wanted see only for it to then pop up in the middle of an unprofessional Friday I'm catching up on so this will help the database.

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Isn't this kind of stepping on Patrick's toes of what he's doing on the site? Not to say that it wouldn't be welcome to see more content!

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we need a Steam Redlight ... a way for users to say "No don't put this game out yet! It's broken as fuck!".


Looks like I just found my first cabinet member. My first act as President of Valve is to order a pizza.

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Are the Unfinished videos going to be getting their own category in the near future, or is the plan to just keep them under the Quick Look section?

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Glad this distinction is being used. Thanks.

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Yeah, good. I like it.

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I'm very okay with this... and I actually read the whole article.

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I love this idea! This helps give the community an opportunity to see actual gameplay of these, ever increasing, early access games on Steam. A lot I want to buy based on the description but I am hesitant after being burned before. Being able to watch one of these Unfinished games will get me a lot more information to help me make a smart decision on games to buy. I think the volume of these early access games is a bad trend and this seems like one of the best things I've heard to help alleviate a lot of my problems with this trend, which I fear will only get worse with time. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for being honest and transparent about this decision. I've felt that this was an issue that needed to be addressed for a while, and I'm glad you've decided to handle it this way.

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Great idea, Unfinished as a title should work.

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Great idea. I look forward to more videos.

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I think that the Unfinished tag is great choice for early access games, BUT I also want to say that I don't really like how long Quick Looks have become. Make them whatever length you want; you know we trust you guys.

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This seems like a very intelligent move to cover these games in a responsible fashion.

Can't wait to see more.

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I am interested in only about 5% of the games covered here. I come here for the stupid stuff. Then again if you should start making Crusader Kings II lets plays....

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Good. Now how about some more Encyclopedia Bombasticas. RBI was the first one in a real long time.

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Wow, Loved reading the behind the scene email Jeff, thanks for including it.

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That's awesome, great solution!

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I guess you don't really need a version number in these things as long as you say "As of 21st Jan 2013" in the video, so people can at least hear that.

Hopefully some games like DayZ standalone, Rust, Starbound etc will get a few check-ins every once in a while. Seeing ongoing development will be interesting.

Might I suggest some more staff members Mr Gerstmann?

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I actually think that it shouldn't matter whether the developer believes the game is "finished" or "not". If the developer is charging money for it, it is reviewable. If it is reviewable, then it can be quick looked. Though, I am really glad that you guys found a way to cover these that you were comfortable with.

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Good idea, I'm all for it.

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Oooooooh NOW I get it.