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My friend and colleague was killed yesterday in the attack on the US consulate in Libya. Only after reading some articles online did I realize how much of an avid gamer he was and how many people in the gaming community were affected by his death. While his deal was MMORPG's, namely Eve Online, I still feel a deep gaming kinship as well as professional one.

I was a mentor of sorts to him professionally when we were both posted at the US Mission to Canada: He was at the consulate in Montreal, and I at the embassy in Ottawa, back in 2008-2010. He was quite enthusiastic about Eve, but I put it in the same boat as WoW and other MMORPG's that I've seen as nothing but time & money sinks. It wasn't until I read how the Eve community has reacted to his death that I realized what a tight-knit and respectful community it seems to be.




Rest In Peace, Sean Smith.

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I had no idea. It was a tragedy either way but the news tends not to report on games. It is a shame he was not able to see the integration of Dust 514 into Eve. As you said, may he rest in peace.

Edit: no idea he was a gamer

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You can get the story here

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Sorry to hear that, it's never fair.

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My condolences, @Liquor, our thoughts are with him and his family and the others we lost in Libya.

<3 V

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Such a tragedy. RIP.