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Just became a yearly member, and instead of sending you guys a box of goodies.. I thought I'd organise something a little different.
Hope you enjoy a little slice of Giant Bomb joy in some national breakfast television..

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@ThePantheon: Highlight the text you want to be a link, click the little chain icon then paste in the URL and hit submit. Like this.
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How did you...but when did...how did he...how could this...um...wow.

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WOW DUDE! That was so good.

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@ThePantheon: Being someone from Australia who has the choice of watching Sunrise (despite the fact that I don't), I can't believe I've just seen Mark Beretta say meat dimension - that has made my day. Just one thing though - isn't Sunrise Extra just a prerecorded segment they run at 5:00 in the morning to go up against the Early News, so wouldn't that mean that this was prerecorded and didn't actually make it to air? 
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who wat how

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i dont get it.. do i have to watch the endurance runs to understand the last part he said ? 

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How the hell?......

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I don't know how you did it, but I'm happy you did.

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Nice work.  :)  More Chanel 7 griefs please.

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Oh my god. This is amazing. Good show.

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Holy shit,how'd you do it?

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This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

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.....Pretty sweet stuff dude.
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Fantastic, well done!

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Haha, that was pretty good.

@Ahmad_Metallic: Either that or play Persona 4.

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 Now just to get someone on a major American morning show to sing the Junes theme
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I wish I knew what this meant.
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@sushisteve: Or at least have the Whistle song from Deadly Premonition come on instead of the normal theme for whatever show.
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Did they ever eat all the food? Can't remember

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Herp. Nice job OP.

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oh man this is so amazing I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS

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@wordfalling:  The presenter's diligence wasn't high enough.
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Yes, yes YES! Next time get him to say something about Peter Molyneux's balls.

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I think the only reason why he stopped talking at the end of that was because he also saw this:

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oh lord

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That's just great.

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I don't really understand it (I assume it's an endurance run thing), but I still love his reaction.

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Shame on the people who haven't watched the Persona 4 endurance run. Go do it, now! You heathens!

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@FlyingRat said:
" Shame on the people who haven't watched the Persona 4 endurance run. Go do it, now! You heathens! "
I've tried, but for some reason it's the only Giantbomb feature that doesn't interest me.
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I don't know how, but goddamn. Well played Sir.

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How did you...? You could...? What the heck?

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Ohh, I see what you did there.

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@ThePantheon:   Are you an autocue writer for this show or something or did you just stumble on to this footage that happened completely randomly?
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@Hero_Swe said:
" I wish I knew what this meant. "
same, I don't have enough bandwidth to go through those things...
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Wow... it took some time to sink in, but... wow. 
That's either the most convenient flub, or a really, REALLY sneaky inside-job. I'm curious to know, but... man... holycrapwtfgawdamn.

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That was amazing! Kudos to whoever set this up.

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The only reason he could not finish that sentence was because he knew that you can never get into the meat dimension. It is foolish to think otherwise.

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That was pretty damn epic. 

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This sites fan base is scary at times.  Scary in an awesome way though. :D

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I take it that this is an Endurance Run joke? That would explain why I'm just as confused as the host.

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That was amazing. We need more!

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The best part is that the OP uploaded it six months ago, but waited till the holidays to post it lol.

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"Is this a daytime show? Maybe he posted the wrong link... Wait, what the fuck? How did you... How?"
My throat is in shreds from laughing.
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That was incredible.  Simply, incredible.