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Hi guys. I`ve been a big fan of Ryan Davis and his work since the days of Gamespot. I was deeply saddened for Him passing away. My condolences go to Ryan Davis family and all his friends.

It`s really cool to see so many people remembering him, sharing stories about how great guy he was and how greatly he contributed to international gaming community. Me and my friend thought it would be a great idea to tell the guys from GameSpot about a cool way of honouring and celebrating Ryan. If you think this idea is cheesy or inadequate - that was not my intention.

So, the idea is to either put cartoonish, smiling Ryans face on GiantBomb logo Iinstead of the bomb) or to get his smiling face painted on one of the GiantBomb office walls. I think that would be a great way of showing that although he passed away, he is still with us in a way, as he inspired us, entertained us and as games and gaming community meant a lot to him. It would be cool to see his bearded smiling face everytime you visit GiantBomb. What do you think guys? Is it a good idea?

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Some people came up with some cool ideas like adding a beard to the bomb logo or switching out the Johnny V loading icon thing for Ryan instead.

I rather it be subtle than in your face.

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Sounds lame.

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I think a gif of Ryan, probably of his large sombrero being shot off to reveal the small one, replacing the Johnny V loading icon would be a fine idea.

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Custom new balance color scheeeeeme

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I still really do like the loading gif replacement Idea.

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I like the idea proposed where a beard is added to the site logo. Subtle but there enough to notice it as a fitting tribute.

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@colourful_hippie: This is the only instance where I would accept the replacement of that Johnny V loading image. That's actually a rather elegant idea.

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Now more than ever, I wish Lincoln Force would be made.