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I originally saw this on Kotaku posted by Tina Amini. It's a video by creator Jonny Lawrence called "Maker vs Marker" where he fights a drawing of Akuma with his hand. Pretty friggin' cool!

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That was terrific.

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Akuma is OP.

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fantastic. makes me wanna fight master hand.

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That was pretty cool.

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Hah, that's cute

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Pretty rad. I wonder how long it took to make?

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That was kind of neat.

Buuuuuuuut I got to say this thread just feels like YouTube spam.

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But spam.

But neat.

I won't flag it, but I will think poorly of OP's upbringing for the next minute or so.

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I hope this isn't considered YouTube spam because this kind of stuff should be shared. Anytime someone does something game-related that is creative outside of the video game itself is unique and pretty cool. I'm sure Jonny Lawrence would love to do more things like this and, frankly, I'd like to see more. Creative people should be celebrated and allowed to continue making beautiful and awesome new media and art. I will keep on keeping on and if GB doesn't like it, fuck 'em.

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No Raging Demon makes the video rather pointless.

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I had no idea Akuma had stretchy snake arms.