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Poll: A matter of perspective (45 votes)

First person 44%
Over the shoulder 24%
Over the shoulder (aim moves) 27%
3rd person, camera aims 44%
3rd person, character aims 27%
I don't really care 42%
Some other option 20%

Note you can mark multiple choices in this poll, so you can mark all perspectives you feel comfortable with and not only your preferred perspective. Please mark all perspectives that you would enjoy in a game if there is no big difference among them and leave unmarked those that would be frustrating or not enjoyable.

I was watching the gameplay trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall, again it's possible to jump over obstacles and cover with some elements, I've seem similar dynamics in games like Brink, Dishonored and Crysis 3. With a prime example in Mirror's edge.

To me this kind of perspective is hard to use when the game involves some platforming. Many criticized the platforming elements in Turok, a game where the main character didn't even have visible feet. But now it seems to be ok.

I would personally prefer an over the shoulder perspective or a 3rd person perspective such that the camera aims, this means the character may be looking anywhere, jumping or whatever, but if (s)he throws a fireball (for instance) it goes to whatever is in the center of the screen and not where the body or movement of the character is aiming at (that would be the 4th option).

I would consider some exceptions, though, for instance Portal would be fairly confusing with any perspective other than first person.

I see the industry betting for 1st person perspective, which I consider less than optimal, and I would like to know if this is just me and they are nailing what gamers and the market wants or if they are simply sticking to an old formula that should be abandoned at least in some cases.

Obviously this applies to games with ranged attacks, if we were speaking about using a sword all this is nonsense.

Some games may choose an hybrid option such that the perspective changes, some examples include Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Assassin's Creed and Darksiders. The first one is the only one I could remember that changes between a 3rd person perspective and a first person perspective.

On a side note, I absolutely hate when the aim moves, this means the mark where you are aiming at moves in a small invisible rectangle and at the edges of the rectangle it pulls the screen/camera. I only remember seeing this in Lost Planet.

This is probably a completely subjective topic, so, which are your preferred perspectives, for which contexts and why?

#1 Posted by Pr1mus (4153 posts) -

If i checked the first 4 does that mean that i don't really care?

But really character aim is terrible, everything else works fine for me. When a lot of platforming is involved third person is a must. Otherwise for shooting third or first are both good. I never really had problems with the first person cover mechanics of Killzone.

As for games that switched between the 2 i generally don't like the look of it and find it useless when it doesn't improve the gameplay. Of course if it does improve the gameplay in games like Deus Ex Human Revolution where stealth is heavily involved it makes the game more functional to switch to third person when taking cover. Being able to see more of your surroundings is key for an enjoyable stealth experience.

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I would also add that melee combat in first person is also terrible. It can be functional on some base level but it's never going to be possible to have a really elaborate fighting system in the first person perspective.

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Whatever perspective best suits the game. Different perspectives lend themselves to different gameplay styles. This seems pretty obvious to me.

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First..... person

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I really like how Red Orchestra 2 does first person.

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Makes you and the gun feel like a part of the world whereas in a lot of other FPS games you just feel like a floating camera with a weightless prop gun attached.

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It depends on the game!

#7 Posted by StarvingGamer (10229 posts) -

I'm fine with anything if it's implemented well.

Lost Planet 2 was a good game.

#8 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2447 posts) -

I don't really care about the camera perspective as long as the game play itself holds up.

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@pr1mus said:

Can't edit my first post...

I would also add that melee combat in first person is also terrible. It can be functional on some base level but it's never going to be possible to have a really elaborate fighting system in the first person perspective.

I can't edit my first post either and where it says "4th option" it should say "5th option" (I added 3rd after that).

I think Borderlands has characters strong on melee attacks, in a first person perspective, in general I see an abuse of 1st person perspective in recent games, as the ones I mentioned in the original post (Dishonored, Crysis, Brink), but maybe it's just me and most gamers could be perfectly comfortable playing Dark Souls in 1st person perspective. I'd consider that a better candidate for than Mirror's Edge...

It depends on the game!

I refer to games that involve ranged attacks or "commands" (like teleporting in Dishonored) and some platforming or cover based mechanics. @pr1mus brings another interesting point with games that involve melee attacks. Maybe I was not clear enough when contextualizing the question but I didn't want to condition answers too much either.

I completely agree that it depends on the game (as @spoonman671 pointed), but from my point of view it looks like some developers consider that first person perspective suits everything. The over the shoulder perspective is about as good as 1st person when aiming is involved and it provides a sense of proprioception that is lost in 1st person perspective, it's a perspective that is way more functional but we see less games implementing it and less votes in the pool.

If there is something like one-fits-all in perspectives it should be over the shoulder or 3rd person with camera aiming, IMHO, and this proprioception is even more important in games that involve platforming elements, cover based mechanics or melee combat, IMHO.

Lost Planet 2 was a good game.

Sure, but I still hate when the aim moves in the screen, it adds an unnecessary and annoying degree of complexity, IMHO.