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what happened to giant bombs stance againt using disgusting invasive ads on their site? ive had adblocker for google chrome for a while so i havent been able to see a single one, however a minute ago i turned it off and I WAS LIKE WOW what the heck is this giant bomb and jeff gerstmann?

PS i recommend adblocker

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From what I understand, it was the CBSi move. Giant Bomb, and of course the once Whiskey Media don't handle the ads anymore, it's a separate thing.

Makes me happy to be a premium member, but from what I've seen from screenshots and when I have to log in again, I can't blame anyone for using adblocker. It's a little shameful, especially after the stance they had just a year ago.

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This again.

I understand your complaint, but honestly, as someone who has had enough time to post nearly 3,000 comments, wouldn't it just be better to buy a membership?

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We already have a thread where invasive advertising on the site is being discussed. There's no point in having two of them.