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So a few weeks back Atelier Totori did a shadow release on PSN for the vita and I was wondering if it is worth the cash. I did some research on the game and found that it was generally received really well, slightly to my suprise. After watching some youtube videos I noticed that it seems like the wrong kind of cutesy especially in little things like the way Totori walks, talks and jumps.

So I was wondering if someone thought the same thing about this game and picked it up regardless. Does it get better? Is it not that bad to begin with?

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You'll have to expand more upon what you mean by "the wrong kind of cutesy". The Atelier series is pretty popular among girls, the gameplay and story is somewhat light. If you don't like cute things you probably won't like it.

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Wrong kind of cutesy might have been abit harsh. It does seem to be catered to a specific audience though! Was wondering if the gameplay is solid so that one, who doesn't find the character design appealing, could still enjoy it. :)

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I got it because I like RPGs, and I but pretty much every JRPG I see, It is very slow, and pretty much anytime you go anywhere there is a cutscene, but it is prety much not plot development, it is social development. Its like Final Fantasy with a 9 year old protagnast, and all missions were side missions. I have played about 2 hours, of it, and the only thing that seems creepy is the looks of the charactures, there is no sexual inuendos that i can remember. Although some of the translation can be construed as sexual, but it was not their intent.

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Is the social development in any way relatedable to the Persona series? I thought it worked incredibly well in those games and it could propel the story forward if done right.

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So far it is not. But I am only two hours in, and most of that has been cut scenes.