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While I do spend about 1,500 bucks on a new PC every 5/6 years I only pay about 40 bucks (some times much less) for the games I play. I save from 1/2 to 2/3 of the cost that I would pay for a console game. Over 5/6 years my PC comes out ahead by a good margin.

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I do tire of the occasional pc guy who gets a holier than thou attitude about the new consoles. Basically I believe that you should never be dismissive of things people care about, because it doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look smug. But if someone genuinely prefers playing on their pc, there are some good reasons for that, and I'm not about to criticize them for their choice either. Can everybody just be cool with other people liking stuff, no matter how different it is from what you like?

To be fair though, for the most part that reaction (and it exists, and as a PC game I agree it's annoying) is sort of a self-defence-mechanism that has developed over many years of "PC is dead", "consoles are more powerfull than any PC ever", "all PC gamers are pirates" etc.

I agree with you that everyone should just do what he/she enjoys, but we all are passionate about our hobby, thats why we are here, and that includes that we sometimes get defensive over the things we like. I'm not defending this behaviour, like I said it annoys me too, I'm just trying to give a little context.

That explains it much better, my gut reaction was to believe that they were just smug, but the whole "PC is dead." is a good way of highlighting the same kind of behavior on the opposite side.

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I've been playing PC games on TV since 2002. Been experimenting it with RCA cables, S video outs and different storts of plug in. Now with almost any laptop coming with an HDMI port it makes it easier to just try it and play something simple like a NES emulator, and since it's running on a PC instead of lugging out an actual NES and having to align the pins right it helps to show to a 6 year old child what NES games are like. There's a very DYI nature to this, just experimenting with different cables and ports, it's not as simple as the Wii Virtual Console but it's more of a learning experence.

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@brendan:I see your point that consoles are traditionally a more social platform by nature of the environment they're usually situated in,

I don't see how XBL/PSN is less/more social than Steam. Aside from specific use cases, like Rock Band.