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I never met Ryan Davis. I never knew his family, his personal life, he never knew I even existed, yet I still saw him as a mate. Why? Because since Giant Bomb started, and even the GameSpot years before that, I'd come home and no matter how bad my day was or what had happened I could jump on to this site and be happy. Ryan was part of that happiness. I associated him and the crew with good times, relaxing, fun, exciting times and all based around my favourite hobby that I've had since I was 3 years old.

I loved it especially when he'd get Vinny to do dumb stuff in a Quick Look or make an "arsehole" comment which was hilarious in its perfectly sarcastic, dry humour, or when something wild would happen and he'd scream "YEEEEAH!". Sitting there watching and listening to him for over 700 hours of audio and hundreds of hours of video in the last few years alone, and all of it fun and interesting and enjoyable. That's why I consider him a mate and that's why I'm so sorry to see him go.

Life can be so harsh and cruel. One moment you're beginning the start of a new era, and the happiest you've ever been. The second you're in shock, and a cold dark reality of sadness washes over you and no matter how hard you hope and beg and wish, it won't and can't ever change. That wound will never fully heal, but you also don't want it too. It isn't painful because of bad moments, it's painful because of good moments created by that person in your life. It's hard as hell to move forward and know you'll never experience that again but you'll always remember it and cherish it and grow as a person in honour of them, and you wouldn't give those memories up for anything in the world. That's what he did to the people around him and why it's so hard, it shows what a great guy he truly was, and I'm glad, even if I never met him, to have experienced his wit, sarcasm, and laughter on this site for so many years.

RIP Ryan Davis.


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We all make mistakes.

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Ryan would have loved this

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This is the first thing that's made me laugh all day, please keep this up.

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Of all the threads out there (and without wanting to sound disrespectful for the others), this would be the one that Ryan would have liked the most.


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Nailed it.

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I'll be happy to change the thread title, but something tells me it's better as is.

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We lost Ryan David too?!

This is the WORST DAY!!!

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Never change this thread title.

LoL. Echoing the strange sentiment that this is the first good thing to happen all day.

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Here here @metal_mills, I've never spoken to him, but will miss him immensely. Has helped me through some rough times over the years, without asking for anything in return. Apart from my subscription that is. Also, I hear Ryan David was his evil twin who S ranked Motion Sports on Kinect.

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Brother to Keith David?

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Fuck Ryan David

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I just realized that Ryan Davis is my Lady Di. I never understood how my mom could be so distraught over the loss of a woman she'd never met.

I want you to know that Ryan. You'll always be my Lady Di.

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I'll be happy to change the thread title, but something tells me it's better as is.

Cheered me up a little anyway.

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@metal_mills: No, this was perfect. Thanks, duder. =)

Good post.

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Yeah, we could change this thread title. But I'm not going to.

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Man, I'm sure Ryan would think "Ryan David" is funny as shit.

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Fuck Ryan David

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Ryan would fucking love this thread title.

Guys, I'm hurting pretty bad inside.

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This is a good post. Thank you duder.

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Pouring one out for Ryan David in the Watitng Room.

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David is leaving?

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Agree 1,000,000% with paragraph 2 & getting choked up still while listening to the Sims3 quicklook which has an hour into the mindset of Ryan. Even though never met Ryan I felt I knew him through the years of Giant Bomb. As a fellow fan of Star Trek I always enjoyed seeing Kirk on Ryan's profile page but today's news made me look back to see more of the similarities of Kirk's image with Ryan's personality full of a sense of exploration (in journalism/games), honesty and pride of who he is along with dry sense of humor.

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I bet Ryan is laughing at the Thread title right now.

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Ryan would fucking love this thread title.

Guys, I'm hurting pretty bad inside.

I hope he would. It's why I left it. I'm hurting bad too, man. I'm hurting too.

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A friend of mine just posted this to his facebook profile. That glorious bastard.

Trying to stay positive.

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Man I love you guys

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This made me burst out laughing and then immediately sob like a 7 year old girl afterwards.

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Great thread. I love Giant Bomb!

If there is another Bombcast I want it to be entirely about Mr. Davis. Stories of how they met, the whole lot...

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This put a smile on my face.

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This is a perfect post, my friend. Thanks for the laugh. :)

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That made me laugh. Ryan David....jesus :P

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Ryan would approve of this thread. Great job.

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First thread to make me laugh today, thanks, I think we all really needed this.

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This thread is the only thing making me smile right now, damnit.

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Thanks for the smile :)

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I love this thread

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I'm glad my mistake could cheer some of you guys up. It didn't go as intended, but worked out well in the end!

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This is pretty perfect. Don't mourn his death, but celebrate his life.

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This thread is perfect, brightens up such a sad time.

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Actually, it's spelled "Bryan David".