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Watching the last couple Spookin' With Scoops, it's occured to me that if you cut away all the dumb zombie crap, there's actually a lot of potential to making a Walking Dead styled game based around that franchise. The idea of investigating a town and the paranormal weirdness surrounding it all, as well as putting out that kind of game with a much heavier focus on horror, sounds cool to me. What do you guys think? To maybe expand that question, any fans of the Walking Dead style of game able to think of another franchise it'd suit well to?

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Telltale's formula for The Walking Dead is little more than another variant on the visual novel. There's more interactivity, sure, but when it comes down to it, the aspects that determine how the story progresses are based around choices you make from lists of text. There's really no shortage of properties and stories that could be adapted in such a manner. That being said, a Blair Witch game in such a format would be very interesting to see.

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Lose the map or walk around some more? THINK QUICK!

Jokes aside, I'd definitely play it.