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I'll obviously never outshine he guy who paid tribute to Ryan on actual FM radio, but I was playing Wii Music and thinking about him and the new Bombcast, and decided to do a tribute song of my own. I wanted to honor his dislike of solemnity and his affection for "dumb" things, so I decided to create the most ridiculously stupid Wii Music scenario I possibly could.

To that end, I created a Ryan Davis mii and then used six of him for the track. Ryan and his five clones were then made to play the Zelda theme song using the six most absurd instruments in the game while atop a giant birthday cake. Namely:

- Cat Suit (the melody)

- Dog suit (the barking)

- "Jaw Harp" (the bass)

- Rapper ("check it out!")

- Boxer ("WAA!!")

- Cheerleader ("GO!")


I hope y'all enjoy it/are comforted by it. I was really shocked and saddened by Ryan's death, even though I'd only started frequenting the site a month ago. He felt like a dear friend even though I never interacted with him. This could never compare with some of the other amazing things people have done to honor him, but I hope it still accomplishes the task.

Love you all.

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Link just takes me to Giant Bomb's homepage.

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I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing!

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Sorry about the link, I couldn't get it to work properly. And thanks, @bestusernameever.

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This would be a nice addition to the Jukebox. =-)