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I don't want to get nailed for spam, but this video is too awesome not to be shown to the masses.

  I wish we had cool songs like this when they forced us into the choir for music class in elementary school!
I can't express how awesome this is. The teacher who picked the song needs a statue built in their honor.
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I haven't listened to it, because I find kids choirs immensly creepy. But that is awesome.
I actually used a medly of gameboy music that I had arranged out of some MIDI files for my final music performance in grade 12. Score 1 for video game music.

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You were kinda beaten to it.
Anyways, I found it to be weird. Kind of cool, kind of creepy, but overall weird.
Pretty good though.
Edit: @The_Laughing_Man: Damnit, I was beaten to the "beaten to the punch" comment.