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I'm trying to decide which one I want more since I can only get 1 of them soon. I love Assassin's Creed and I've spent I don't know how many hours in COD4 and MW2 and WaW. I can't decide so I need your opinions on why one is better over the other and whatnot.  
I'd appreciate the help. 

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Haven't played either, but I'm guessing AC: Brotherhood will be a much better, newer experience. Also, I'm guessing majority of GB will go along with AC:B.
Also, should've been a poll.

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@Sincillian: Can't really tell you which one to get when you already know how both games feel and your thoughts on the gameplay so you already have enough information to make this decision your self. They're both good games. Pick one. Pick both. Fuck I don't care.
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@armaan8014: I was thinking of making it a poll. Don't know why I didnt. 
@tobygw: Hmmmmm suppose your right.
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If you prefer WaW to AC II get Blops if the opposite is true then get AC:B.  Or wait until they are both 30 bucks in a month and get them both. 

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Brotherhood go.

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Go brotherhood.

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I think that you would get more out of Blops.