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First off, love the new site, so many awesome updates. I'm really into it and thank you Giantbomb team for being so fucking awesome!

Does anyone know if there is a future for the Achievement Sync that was on the old site?

I'm talking about the part of the site that syncs with Steam / Xbox Live / PSN achievements, it was very smart and fun to look at. Had a cool community vibe to it! Better than anything Steam / PSN / Xbox does with achievements.

Thanks anyone who knows!

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yea i was thinking the same thing

love the new site

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At this point they won't have a achievement system till Sony/Microsoft have a open API for them. It was just to much work to keep them from breaking every now and then since they weren't that open about what they were updating behind the scenes etc. Our best chance is if the new consoles make it easier to obtain the data so they can put up a new achievement sync without having to worry about it breaking at random times.

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i thought i had read that it was not coming over, which would be a shame. always liked comparing achievements and seeing which ones i had were rare

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Yep aside from forums and humorous videos/podcasts that's the only reason I ever looked at the site.

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Damn!! Really liked this feature! Future looks pretty grim for it, but if there's any way we can help I'd be glad to be a part of it haha.