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Is there a way to add a game to a list from the game page still? I'm looking around and maybe I'm just blind but I don't see the option.

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I've been wondering the same thing because the only alternative I could find was going to my existing list, go into edit, and look up the game to add in a text box at the very bottom. As inconvenient as that is, it's even more annoying on larger lists where the site can take a noticeable amount of time loading up every single item. I too would appreciate hearing what happened to that "add" button.

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Ha, I was about to make a new thread asking the same thing, the only method I can tell is what ShadowFire01 describes. I miss the add button on the individual games pages!

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Yeah I ended up adding a couple games to my list that way, and exactly as you said when you have a larger list it's not at all the most convenient option. I want the "Add to List" button back!!!

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This was actually the first thing I wanted to do when I hopped onto the new site and was met with some slight disappointment. Would be great to have it back!

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Yes, it is in the bottom i believe, i made a list no problem

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I too would like to be able to add games to lists from the game pages

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I'd be fine with only an "Add to Wishlist" button.

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I'm going to guess that it might come later on since the team is working on more pressing bugs. :)