#1 Posted by Majkiboy (1039 posts) -

So, even though I am a subscriber I get adds when I am loading a live stream from GB.

... Working as intended?

#2 Posted by Chtasm (469 posts) -

Working as intended. Get Ad-block to get rid of those.

#3 Posted by Majkiboy (1039 posts) -

Okay, at least it is only before the stream starts and not during the thing!

#4 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Never got an ad from a GB Livestream. 
Other streams sure, all the time except the ones I'm subscribed to(as in, gave money not just "Followed") 
So yeah, working as intended for me

#5 Posted by lazarenth (31 posts) -

Almost all streams on Twitch have "intro" (aka when you load the stream) ads by default. Streams can get special ins with Twitch (like the charity marathon Desert Bus For Hope -- going on now!!) to remove the "intro" ads.