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With the recent resurgence of classic adventure games I am taking an interest in playing some.  I saw the Lucas Arts adventure game pack for $10 on Steam and it seems like a bargain, but I have never played an adventure game.  Well actually I remember watching my friend play one of the Indiana Jones adventure games a long time ago when we were kids, but I have never really seen the appeal to them. 
So basically, what is the allure of playing adventure games?  Have I missed out on these great games because I was born too late or can some Giant Bomb users point me in the right direction?

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*prepares to read all these posts* Seriously, I'm in the same spot as you. I tried Monkey Island, but eventually got bored very, very early.

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They're very challenging, intellectually. plus they almost always feature great characters. 
Toonstruck has a star-studded cast, for example

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I remember my sister really really being into the kings quest series back in the day and loom. From what I could remember it was a whole lot of guess work to figure out series of puzzles and back in the day not having a guide or internet to help you out was a bitch and a great reward for completing. 
Basically, if you are into games, that make you solve what fits where, then buy it.

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I'm tempted to buy the Lucas Arts adventure pack right now, but a few more opinions would be appreciated.

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They've got great story, characters and fun puzzles. You should really give them a shot. Particularly the Monkey Island and Indiana Jones ones.

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I finished my first adventure game last night, Machinarium. And I can honestly say it's the second best game of the year. Try it.

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The few times when I have been drawn to adventure games it was a mix of art / sound and story that I found appealing.
off the top of my head :

Maniac Mansion - I just wanted to resolve the story.  I HAVE TO SAVE SANDY!
Myst - the graphics & mood of the game were the most appealing thing.
Machinarium - similar for me to Myst
Monkey Island - the funny story & enjoying the ride of the story
Full Throttle - a mix of theme and story.

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It's generally some combination of good writing, interesting atmosphere, and/or clever puzzles that pulls me into an adventure game.

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To get the appeal of adventure games, it might help to look at what they were originally called when they were entirely text-based: Interactive Fiction. They were e-books. It was all about the characters and the story and that was the appeal. Adventure games are also very puzzle-heavy. Lots of lateral thinking.
In addition to the ones Diamond listed:
78641 - A Targ Adventure (my brain. X_x)
Machinarium (double recommended)
Ben There, Dan That (wtf?)
Time, Gentlemen. Please! (lol)
Grim Fandango (skeletons!)
The Neverhood (claymation!)
Bad Mojo (cockroaches!)

Also, some of the new stuff from Telltale is pretty good. Not all of it, just some of it. The first Season of Sam and Max is some of the better stuff.

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A few different aspects can draw you into an adventure game.
I suggest, Monkey island or grim fandango if you want a laugh.
Longest Journey 1 if you'd like an interesting story.
some other great titles are syberia1 & 2, Still life, and that 
Machinarium looks great, love sketchy style. Need to play that one myself.

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@eroticfishcake said:
" They've got great story, characters and fun puzzles. You should really give them a shot. Particularly the Monkey Island and Indiana Jones ones. "
This man knows his stuff
Monkey 1+2 are superb
Full Throttle
Grim Fandango
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Beneath a Steel Sky
The Last Express
I hate to repeat what the others said, but I know it holds creedance, and you should definetely think about them.
Hit up ScummVM or steam.
What makes them good, I think, is the time they were in.
Nowadays, we have fully voiced, animated, lens flared super blockbuster videogames. Adventure games, especially the classic Lucasarts ones are really indicative of the time they were in. It's like Jeff Gerstmann said a while ago about fighting games in relation to Street Fighter 2- "You'd need a time machine to go back and appreciate it fully"
However, I'm not saying you shouldn't play them, quite the opposite. The writing is usually phenomenal, albeit dated and the music  is also superb
Read this for an example of something that they did really well
If you have any other questions, I'll do my best to answer them, but I can really recommend the ones I described earlier.
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Begin with The Dig.  It has the perfect balance and script for a new generation of adventure gamers. Then the rest of LucasArts eminently fine games, preferably Monkey Island 1,2 and 3 (I fervently dement that MI 4 exist).

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I never really played adventure games back in the day, I've tried to play Maniac Mansion on the NES but I always get stuck somewhere and give up. I did beat that Peasant Quest game on the Home Star Runner site though. One of these days I'll give the Monkey Island games a shot, I've heard good things....

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@Fallen189: What she said! Don't forget Day of the Tentacle!
Also, Beneath a Steel Sky is freeware now, get it here.
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Thanks for the replies. 
I played a demo for Time, Gentlemen. Please!  and I thought it was pretty good.  I'm going to buy the Lucas Arts adventure pack and maybe some other games off of Steam sometime soon.

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Oh, and don't forget the Simon The Sorcerer games if you get into adventure gaming. Gog.com sells them very cheap, with full voice-acting I believe.

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i played the first episode of the new monkey island game and i dont call that adventure.... more like a very boring and linear detective-work flash game (its not a flash game but im just saying..)

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There are only two games to get into the adventure game genre.

Front cover.

Front cover.

These two games will have you amazed from the first to the last minute. DOTT in particular is just mind-blowingly good.
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Beneath a Steel Sky                           (also on the iPhone)
Bud Tucker in Double Trouble   <---Highly underrated game, but friggin rare!
Little big adventure
Filight of the Amazon Queen
Kings Quest 6-8                                 (i think thoose are the best ones) 
Under a Killing Moon      <-------------First person adventure, very intresting game if u can get it to run
Ripleys Believe it or Not
Phantasmagoria 1  
Gabriel Knight 1       <-------------------Really worth checking out!!!!

All good games worth checking out if u considder trying out some old adventure stuff. Little Big Adventure might be on the edge but the second game in the series is pretty good.

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Ohh, yes, how could I forget Under a Killing Moon?
It's basically Hotel Dust : Room 215 but way better in every way, and it came out a long time ago.
Gabriel Knight has an awesome intro credits song too.

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I second Grim Fandango. The entire theme of the game makes it worth it.

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I have just started playing adventure games and I really love the genre. The games I've played so far are Secret of Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky and Machinarium and I recommend all of them.

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It's almost always about the story for me. If the setting, characters and dialogue aren't interesting then I probably won't finish the game.

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I'll just second all of the recommendations of Lucas Arts games (especially Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango). I'm also a fan of some of the old Sierra games as well (mainly the Space Quest series), but there is definitely a smaller fan base for those games for a reason. Primarily, they tend to have puzzles that can be a bit more frustrating than most of the Lucas Arts games.
One game that I haven't seen mentioned thus far is Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit depending on your region). It's one of the better adventure titles to come out in recent years, and it's from the same people that are currently developing Heavy Rain so I think it deserves some attention.

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Get Grim fandango its the best game ever!  
also try monkey island and machinarium
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I started adventure gaming at age 12 with Leisure Suit Larry 6. The juvenile humor with a focus on sex was enough to keep me playing and the style got me into the genre.
It doesn't quite hold up today, but those games are still a thousand times better than the junk with the LSL name nowadays.
Also the first few Police Quest games were magnificent.

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I played the Legends of Kyrandia when I was young. It was my only foray into adventure games that I remember. I was charmed by the difficulty, but it  was next to impossible at times. I discovered gamefaqs because of the difficulty on that game. But there were very cute puzzle aspects to that game, but I would never torture myself through that game again.
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No love for  I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream? That was one strange game that one.

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Though not all adventure games have the same appeal generally its the story/characters and having to put some thought into the puzzles. Games like Myst had really hard puzzles (which usually werent just 1 scene but affected things in other parts of the "level") and a really great mood and atmosphere. Monkey Island again had some hard puzzles but mostly it was the humour that appealed in that game. Right now im loving Machinarium and the difficulty is right at my level where I get stuck for a bit but then feel smart when I the solution plus it has great atmosphere and music with a really cure main character.

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Okay I would recommend:
-Grim Fandango
-Grim Fandango
-Grim Fandango

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Is Grim Fandango included in the pack? If so, yes, buy the whole damn thing, cause that game alone is totally worth 10 bucks.
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I keep reading posts, and a lot of them include great, great adventure games. However, I don't see any Sam and Max games. Come on guys! We all got to love our kleptomaniac dog person Sam and our Lagomorphic sadist Max and their wacky situations. Right?

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Nobody mentioned Sanitorium.  That was a fun one. Plenty of puzzles & odd story line. There were a couple of times I had to search the Internet for answers, although when I was playing it was in 1997 or so when the game came out.  I need to play it again one day soon.

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I just bought the two game bundle that included Time Gentlemen, Please!   
I thought the demo was pretty funny, so I am making strides in  my adventure for adventure games.  (Yes, that was lame)

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I just finished Ben There, Dan That and I must say I am loving adventure games. 
Anyone who is looking for a funny adventure game would enjoy it.  Plus it is free.

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Did you try Machinarium yet, I'm not that far into it but everything I played so far has been fantastic. 

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@Brunchies I have not, but I am downloading the demo now.
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I hate to post the only negative opinion on the whole thread, but you said you wanted opinions. I think the point-and-click adventure game has absolutely had its day, and the style of gameplay is just desperately dated in comparison with virtually any other genre. The genre was never strong on gameplay in the first place, and almost always dealt in silly object manipulation puzzles where you try every item in your inventory with every other item. 20 years on and Machinarium still uses this basic formula. There are moments I enjoyed in the classics like Monkey Island or Grim Fandango, but the overriding memory is of just clicking through reams and reams of dialogue hoping that a bit of it might be funny.

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I haven't played many games in the genre, but I definitely recommend some Phoenix Wright

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I love adventure games for their great stories, characters and overall atmosphere and charm.

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Maniac Mansion isn't any good by todays standards IMO. Adventure games rule though.

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@girdz said:
Maniac Mansion isn't any good by todays standards IMO. Adventure games rule though.
It lacks in production values, but how many adventure games have multiple radically different complete solutions?  IMO, Maniac Mansion is still the best of all time.
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@Diamond: It wasn't the production values I had a problem with, it was the feeling of not knowing my next objective, which I think is quite an important thing for adventure games.
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@girdz said:
@Diamond: It wasn't the production values I had a problem with, it was the feeling of not knowing my next objective, which I think is quite an important thing for adventure games.
I think that's true for most adventure games, I can't think of one that really guides you as that's the main challenge aspect of an adventure game.  I guess MM is more 'open' by plopping you down into a non-linear world than say, Monkey Island, which has you up against a linear series of specific challenges.  Is that what you're talking about?