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Double advice question. I'd appreciate everything from 'have a good idea' to 'what makes you think you know what they would like'. How do I get Brad or Patrick to try a game I really, really like? I got really hooked on Uplink in the early aughts, but the iPad version has taken over my fucking life. It's the most immersive, 'role playing' role playing game I have ever encountered. At no point in playing Fallout did I ever FEEL like I wandering the wastelands. It's... Sneakers, the game. I think Brad would dig it, because it'd appeal to his analytic, intellectual nature. I think Patrick would be into it since it stirs up actual panic, real fear that this time you're going to get caught, Andreas aspect of Amnesia seemed to resonate with him. Maybe they have played the original, maybe they have played the port. But spending so much time listening to them and what they like to play... I think they would really enjoy it. To any who has had success in communicating with the guys. Is there any advice you have? Forgive the message formatting. Forums hate safari for iPad.