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Looking for a good game to help unwind after work when my brain is fried. Preferably when things blow up a healthy amount with some action. Single player and multi are both important to me and if it's really re-playable that's great. Something that has player progression in multiplayer is also a plus.

Oh, for either PC or PS3. Please do not suggest BF4 or COD. I'm looking for something less expensive.

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BF3 is relatively cheap at this point, but hey, do you like dinosaurs? How about guns? Then brother, take a look at Primal Carnage. It's about 15 bones, and is super straightforward as shooters go. Kill dinosaurs, or kill dudes as dinosaurs. The last time I played there was no progression, but there's a decent amount of maps and a few different modes to keep things fresh. I'm not sure what the player base is like at this point, but during the summer there were always a few full matches.

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@spartica: if you like shooters then check out Bulletstorm. On PC the game looks stunning and is just plain fun. There is no competitive multiplayer but you can play challenge levels and honestly the game should cost you like $5 now.

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Skyrim. Blow up dragons 'n' shit.

That game doesn't need MP.

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Metal slug games on PSN are pretty cheap,i'd say it has a healthy amount of action in it.

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I'd suggest some Borderlands 2.

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Torchlight II


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Just Cause2, Killing Floor, Serious Sam HD 1&2.

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@achoyq said:

I'd suggest some Borderlands 2.

This. This is a perfect game to kick back on and just relax.

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Grand Theft Auto V with Super Jump, Explosive Bullets and Invincibility. Moon Gravity optional.

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Red Faction: Guerilla

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@zelyre said:

Torchlight II

That or I would also recommend Path of Exile. Which is a Diabloesque game, but free on steam.

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FTL is a good game to take your mind off your real work.

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Guild Wars 2

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Zombie Driver and Worms are great "blow off some steam" Steam games. I'm also fond of Space Rangers 2 as a way to relax. It's not as big-and-blow-uppy as some of the other games listed, but it's got kind of a Zen arcadeness to it that I love.

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If you are fucking tired and don't want to think too much then you need a turn based JRPG. Just press x button and move the stick around to select attacks.

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Just Cause 2 has always been my go-to braindead unwind game.

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Try Warframe. It's pretty much exactly what you say you want.

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Realm of the Mad God is pretty good.

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I second TF2, one of the best multiplayer FPSes of all time and no cost

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Eurotruck Simulator 2. Nothing is more exhilarating than shifting into 10th going 55 MPH haulin' ass to Grimsby with a load of apples.

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Team Fortress 2

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Geometry Wars 2

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Dark Souls. I have never played a game so many times that I could play it half asleep and still keep enjoying it that much.

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Binding of Isaac. Super cheap, super fun, endlessly replayable and it is very much a "do" game as opposed to a "thinking" game, which is the key for me for after a long day playing.

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I get off at 7 am and usually troll the forums. Oh wait, I mean check out the forums on Giant Bomb. Mostly, I do internet shit, unless I'm really into a game. My mood changes though. That free game I got last month from Microsoft for being a gold member, Might & Magic: Clash of the Heroes, has been very addictive though.

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Honestly, I feel like any multiplayer game would do if you just want a quick session that will help you relax. Otherwise, I'd recommend something with an immersive narrative; Last of Us, GTA, Mass Effect, etc.

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Probably Saints Row IV. The game is relatively easy, but that doesn't retract from the enjoyment of creating incredible amounts of chaos.

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I second Path Of Exile. Just slaying some monsters is great for some good fun after work.

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I would say Bad Company 2. I know people still play it on PC atleast.

One of the best multiplayer shooters of this generation

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Right now I have been playing WWE 2K14 to blow off some steam after work.