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#1 Posted by Zabant (1333 posts) -

So, its 11am EST now right? (right???)


Anyone else signed up just because of this?

#2 Posted by kuz101 (223 posts) -

Just finished signing up a minute ago. I'm so pumped!

#3 Posted by KarlPilkington (2768 posts) -

Going out tonight, I hope it is archived.

#4 Posted by rjayb89 (7806 posts) -

It's 8:27AM here in Whiskey Time.

#5 Posted by anal_diarrhea (36 posts) -

Yeah dude I just signed up now, been lurking since the beginning of Giantbomb. This is the type of benefit I would subscribe for, the other stuff was not compelling.

#6 Posted by zombie2011 (5192 posts) -

I'm about to sign up, but not for this i just wanna get rid of the ads with sound.

#7 Posted by lord_canti (1657 posts) -

dispite it being all day and it starts at about 7pm here :P

#8 Posted by Levius (1297 posts) -

Hell yeah I signed up for this, now i've just gotta hope its archived. Been waiting for this since that all day retro livestream.

#9 Posted by fattonyxxl (87 posts) -

Gonna sign up right now... Been meaning to for a while, wondering whether to wait for the live show #2 or just now...I guess it's now... Also 
@the_chojin99 said:


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Truly hope it'll be archived...

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Is it currently on?

#12 Posted by MaFoLu (1869 posts) -

It's going to be all day?

Holy crap, that means it's going to run all night here...

#13 Posted by Benny (2000 posts) -

You can see what time it starts on the home page, it automatically adjusts to your time zone

#14 Posted by Nux (2530 posts) -

I can't wait for it to be 2:30 here, then it's party time.

#15 Posted by xdaknightx69 (480 posts) -

how do i watch it ? on GB or justin ?

#16 Posted by Tebbit (4565 posts) -

6.30 AM


#17 Posted by fattonyxxl (87 posts) -
@xdaknightx69: Not on yet, but it will be on at the 2 and a half hours left (from now)
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So wait what time dose it start? preferably pacific time?

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@MrMazz said:

So wait what time dose it start? preferably pacific time?

2 hours 10 minutes from RIGHT NOW

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@Laketown said:

@MrMazz said:

So wait what time dose it start? preferably pacific time?

2 hours 10 minutes from RIGHT NOW

Yep. 11:30am. It's on the front page.

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I wonder if they're planning on doing this with other old consoles, too!

Would it be too much for me to hope for a Sega Genesis party?

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I literally just signed up because of this.

#24 Posted by Taka (211 posts) -

finally something that i can watch live without screwing over my sleep cycles

Time Zones are stupid!

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This SNES marathon is what got me to finally sign up. I had been thinking for a while about joining but this was the cherry on top.

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