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I miss my ever-so-handy 'Profile' link. While it's a good feature for me to access my Multi-Pass with ease I would still like to have the same ease of access in accessing each of my individual site profiles.
Does anyone else agree?

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Very much, I dislike having to go through summary or whatever else to check stuff or update my status.

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Just click on your image to go to your profile. I don't understand how that is different to the profile link in the drop down menu.

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Click your avatar

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@AlisterCat:@Lies: Okay, so I had no idea that was actually a link as well. *Slaps forehead*
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I did too, then I discovered by accidentally clicking the image that it does the same thing. Still though, they should add a link to the old one, or something, as I'm sure I'm not the only person who didn't know that.

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I agree, I think the drop down box for multi-pass settings just makes it easier to get to my multi-pass information rather then remembering a link and as you said before all you have to do is click on your image for individual settings/profile