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I have submissions going on 72 hours now. I've got images, full articles, and a few sentences. Though oddly enough, I updated the General Information for a game which was approved. I didn't submit that until nearly a day after my other pending ones. I know they're behind, but what the heck?

*total bitch fest from here on out*

I also believe that they shouldn't have started this 1000 points thing until next week. It obvious that there were people sitting on LOADS of things. I submitted a page for a game that probably only a handful of people here know about (not even out yet). I submitted it not even 12 hours after the site launched. It has still hasn't gotten to the moderators, yet one of those who got 1000+ points instantly were able to make the page yesterday. BULLLL SHIIIIIIIINE!!!

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I have had submissions going on about 64 hours or so. None of my large submissions have been looked at yet though.They are swamped though so give them some time. 

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most of my images have been subbed, however very few of my articles have been i have had one or two go in from day one but that's it. They have over 20,000 that's alot of things so don't worry they will get to it.

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Im getting there

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This is because each submission is being looked over be a real person right now. Just be patient.

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Just be patient, the group are trying their best to get as much done as fast as they can.

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I have some that is waiting a while too.

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Ya i have many pending over extended amounts of time. I can't imagine how many submissions they have to look over though. Several thousand probably. I'm willing to wait tho cause i realize how much they have to do

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I think they should put a stop to further submissions until they can get kinda caught up. Otherwise, hell, they'll never catch up.

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Most of my submissions have been approved on time, but there is one that hasn't

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Yeah, I'm leary of attempting to create a few character pages that are clearly missing for some semi-high profile games because I figure by the time I submit them and they finally get around to looking at my submission, the pages will probably already exist.

We just have to have some patience in the beginning guys.  Once the site gets the initial flood of content, things will start to slow down.

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The submissions I put the most time into, namely characters, are approaching 72 hours as well.

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Yeah any large articles are taking ages

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None of mine have been accepted yet, but that's because I sent them earlier today. Anyway, your submission will make it through sooner or latter.

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I have a one sitting on three days and a couple on two.

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Well I just got all of my images approved, so I'm slightly less grumpy now. Time to upload another 100...

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I'm only sitting on new pages for locations and objects as well as a bunch of images - no biggy it'll get done soon enough and even if a page goes up before yours, chances are and new info from your submission will get added in anyways...

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They might not have gone through, but it's not like they've been deleted or anything. Just give it time and you'll be right as rain. Hopefully.

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It's just confusing me how some submissions get accepted in less than an hour while others are taking 2 days and are still pending.

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I know they've got a lot of subs but I wish they'd hurry up.

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phatkav said:
"It's just confusing me how some submissions get accepted in less than an hour while others are taking 2 days and are still pending.
Ditto. I made a thread in the bug forum, but never got a reply