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I've never been a *huge* fan of the genre, but once in a very great while I get the urge to play an adventure game. Not being that into them, I rarely know what to try, especially since for good or ill it'll be the last one I play for some time. So, I figured I'd run it by you duders and dudetters.

The last one I played, and I really enjoyed it, was Gemini Rue. I know that company has made others since, but none of them stand out the way that one did to me.

I want something modern. No pixel hunts or nonsense-logic item combining, ideally something fresh, though just a solid good idea or two might be enough. I was thinking about The Walking Dead, since I'm a fan of the show, but five games is more than I want to commit to. Color me undecided, so it's still on the table. What other options might there be?

I want your ideas. Enlighten me!

Oh, but no comedy. Nothing goofy or cartoony. I mean, it can have some humor if it serves the setting or story, like a good drama or what have you movie might, but no Sam and Max type stuff. Something "grown up" for lack of a better word. Something that makes you think, or feel.

Thanks in advance.

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@thebigJ_A: Just go play The Walking Dead. Each episode only takes around two hours to play through, so for all five episodes, you wouldn't be investing any more time than a typical game.

Discussion over.

Bonus Suggestion: If you have a PS3, maybe try Heavy Rain. Its predecessor, Indigo Prophecy, is also pretty good, but the ending is so damn lame that I can't bring myself to recommend it to anyone.

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What Chaser324 said: TWD is just the right length. Three of the four episodes released so far I've played start-to-finish after a workday.

I'm not usually an adventure game kind of guy but that thing has been phenomenal so far. Even when people complained about episode four, the worst they were saying was that it wasn't as mind-blowing as the prior episodes.

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Syberia 1 & 2

Also Grim Fandango is a must play adventure game but it can be a problem playing on modern day machines...maybe Disney will be more forgiving with the rights to it now though.

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This looks awesome.

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I love me some Penumbra, and Amnesia is among my favorite games ever (after, oh I don't know, Morrowind perhaps) but I never thought of them as adventure games. Lone Survivor didn't strike me as such, either, from the demo, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

I appreciate the suggestions, but I notice the great majority of them are rather... oldish? Not that I'm against classic games or anything.

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You should check out Gemini Rue. Very enjoyable sci-fi, reminded me of a bit Blade Runner.

EDIT: And that is what you get when you don't read all of the OP. Sorry, but glad you enjoyed it.

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I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, one of the greatest adventure games made in my opinion.

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Would Heavy Rain be categorized as an Adventure Game? If so I'd recommend it if you haven't played it. Ghost Trick and Phoenix Wright were pretty awesome as well on Nintendo DS, the former though has some pretty non-nonsensical puzzle elements.

- LA Noire was an alright adventure game and you can get a copy for under 10 bucks now a days on pc, 360, and ps3.

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Instead, try Machinarium. The humor might sour you on it, but the puzzles are great.

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Instead, try Machinarium. The humor might sour you on it, but the puzzles are great.

King Kai hangs out with Bubbles all day, he's got some issues to sort out.

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  • The original Still Life is really good. Great atmosphere, and you get to relive the story from different time periods. The sequel was... meh, unfortunately. It is a more traditional adventure game, but really enjoyable.
  • Resonance. Has some pixel hunting, and a couple of stupid puzzles, but overall pretty interesting. I enjoyed it.
  • Botanicula. More of a puzzle game, really. Bizarre as hell, but really fun. Made by the same guy who made Samorost 1 and 2, and Machinarium.
  • Zork - Grand Inquisitor. Old, but so much fun. I consider this one of the all time great adventure games. Plenty of quirky humor, and the world is very bizarre and weird.
  • A New Beginning. You play as different characters in a world destroyed/being destroyed by climate change. Beatiful game, but a lot of inventory puzzles.
  • Drawn: Dark Flight. The sequel to Drawn: The Painted Tower. Definitely a more casual adventure game. Absolutely beautiful throughout, and not too difficult. If you can find both for a low price, I'd recommend them.
  • The Delaware St. John Series. I really enjoyed these. You're a psychic paranormal investigator, going to wherever the spirits call you. Pretty creepy at times. There's a Kickstarter campaign for the 5th game going right now.
  • The Ben Jordan Series. 8 games, all free. This series is finally done after 6 years of development. You're a paranormal investigator, chasing demons, vampires, monsters etc. The first few games are a bit rough around the edges, but each one keeps getting better and better. Highly recommended, and the games are generally not too long.
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And I'm being totally serious in my recommendation of the non-comedy Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure. It will warm your heart.

I don't even....

Thank you.