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I think a big opportunity has been missed in video games when it comes to Whip's. Whip's have been a big part of our world culture for millenia, but weren't fully recognized until the release of Castlevania.

Since then what do we as a population have to show for the advancement of Whip's? Bastion was supposed to have a whip, but Super Giant Games failed us and couldn't deliver. What would be cooler then Whipping Gasfella's with smooth narration about said whipping? Nothing.

Some of you may say, "But Sully, you could Lasso guys in Red Dead Redemption, that's kind of like Whipping!". Nay I say to you. I want a game that finally takes advantage of the full capabilities of a whip. I want to traverse a canyon by whipping a tree branch and swinging across. I deserve to have full-body targeting so I can do whip a gun out of an enemies hand, whip her ankle to drop her to the ground, or simply whip someone in the face.

I simply just want to whip shit in a digital form guys. Game's these days are so focused on social interactions, graphical power, and VR that we are forgetting what's truly important. Whip's. Developers and game writers need to stop focusing on all these fairy-tale bullshit and start recognizing the lack of whip's in our games.

Please. Remember the Whips.

Spelunky - The Last Bastion of Whip Appreciation

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Dude, Wonder Pink's unite morph in The Wonderful 101 is a whip. The whip lives on!

But I blame the decline of the whip on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. After all, who needs whips when you have that "combat cross" nonsense.

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@ssully: The only cool whip that I can think off ouside of Castlvania is Indana Jones´ ..... but can you really make a game out of that? II wonder.

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Whips Akimbo

Dark Souls

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More whip's what?

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Please No.

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Need's More's Whip's Guy's

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That new Need for Speed trailer had some pretty sick whips.

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I've seen enough of this guy already.

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I've seen enough of this guy already.


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I feel like this is something that Saints Row should cover.

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I agree. We need hell of Whip appreciation in our video games.