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Trying to open a dialogue about capitalism.

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Says video does not exist.

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Oh oh oh, will there be a petition!?!?!?!?!? Maybe a hashtag thing!!!!!!!!

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Oh I get it. The video doesn't exist.. like.... morality and kindness toward man doesn't exist in a capitalist society?

....No? The video's just broken?

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Definition of youtube spam?

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Video /= letter. Just saying.

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As much thought went into this post as the OP's avatar.

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The post is fixed.

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Usually, when you write a letter to someone and the first words are "$!*& you," chances are they won't read the rest of the letter.

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I liked the broken video better.

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Your face is enormous.

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Trying to open a dialogue about capitalism by swearing incoherently on YouTube. Is that how that works?

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Well, I'm glad the argument was succinct and well thought out. I'm sure that this will inspire the greedy capitalist dogs to change their ways!

In other news, I want youarejustsillypeople to become a hashtag. Hey Gamestop, #youarejustsillypeople

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(I think i ate your choclate squirrel.)

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1.02 minutes of my life I will never get back. Why would you post this? Could you elaborate more? Your upset because a salesman was doing his job and trying to sell you a game? If you don't like how Gamestop operates and you just want to rent games may I suggest Gamefly? You don't have to deal with salesman, you just order online and they send it to you. This post seems to be a waste of virtual space.

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Yeah, look, even we aren't taking you seriously, so I highly doubt they would.

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@LikeaSsur said:

Usually, when you write a letter to someone and the first words are "$!*& you," chances are they won't read the rest of the letter.

Hahaha! You know, you might be on to something there!

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Please watch your own video and tell me if this is a mature way of talking about anything or just a troll bait video? Game Stop is a business and like other businesses they are there to sell stuff. If they go off in a rant just say these words, "I am not interested and am just here to pick up my game". So are you for or against capitalism? If you want to start a dialog you must first start a dialog not just string a few curse words together without making any point or asking any question at all.

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Disliked and flagged.

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I'm going to give you the benefit of a doubt and say that something at your local gamestop has made you upset and so in your furious rage you've made a video in an attempt to voice your opinion but you are so overcome by your feelings you couldn't properly voice your concern. So instead I will help your topic a long by saying why I shop at a gamestop and perhaps others can follow suit and discuss why we should or shouldn't. I shop at gamestop for midnight releases, I find fellow game enthusiasts there who enjoy the same games as me and it helps me grow my list of friends on XBOX live and PSN. I trade old games to gamestop because I don't want to play them and I want to play something new. I don't buy used games from gamestop because they are not worth the price gamestop charges for a used game. Anyone else have anything to add?

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You should close this letter.

Eh? EH?

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@crow13: you sir,need to get the hell out. we wont have any of that common sense here!

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Are you seriously mad about the guy trying to sell you a game? "Argh, you're trying to sell me a game at a place that sells video games, fuck you!"

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Oh, hey. Another one of these things.

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Well that was certainly something.

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Complaint? This was a complaint? I didn't see it. I saw a glimmer of it but even that was stupid.

You begin with insulting people working there without any better reason than that you clearly have a preconception of who store managers are.

Then you seem to "complain" about the clerk trying to sell you a game. This was the thing that made you mad? it's called upselling. Everyone does it. Have you never been in a electronics store?

And in the end you actually told them that you have controll, that they are your bitch and that you use them as a rental service by being an cheap smug ass that think he is cool.

Where in your mind did you think this video was a reasonble idea?

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This is fantastic. Usually people of this caliber cant figure out webcams and youtube all on their own. I bet he filmed this after he got done filming a video about how he is personally offended that Lucas sold to Disney and that he will kill himself if they ruin the original 3 movies.

Also look at this gold!

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@Atramentous: lol'd

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Who do I complain to about getting those 64 seconds of my life back?

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA could just quietly stop shopping there.

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You open your mouth really big when you talk.

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@Atramentous: Okay this changes everything, I didn't realize this kid is mentally ill. Every argument he ever tries to make will simply conclude with his "Duet" video lol

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@Atramentous: you just single-handedly just turned this into thread-of-the-year

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@crow13 said:

@Atramentous: Okay this changes everything, I didn't realize this kid is mentally ill.

Hey, that is not nice. That makes the mentally ill sound stupid.

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I was disappointed with this thread. You made it better, you are cool.

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@VisariLoyalist: glad someone else thought of this as well haha

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My mind is broken.

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Matt Damon is a gamer?

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That was completely fucking pointless, way to advertise your bullshit, dude.

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..urge to kill...rising

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This is not just youtube spam. This is dumb youtube spam. Locked.