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Congrats, Soup. The update looks great and is really fast. Very impressive.

The one thing I miss is having the watched/unwatched button where the share button is currently. I'm rarely going to share, but I'll definitely be using the other one. I may be in the minority here, though.

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I'm seeing the same issue with the missing scrubber. Here's some info:

  • What device are you using? Nexus 7 (2012)
  • What version of Android are you running? Jelly Bean (Build number JWR66Y - this is the official Jelly Bean for this device)
  • How is it failing to scrub?
    • Is the scrubber not showing up? Yes, the scrubber is missing
    • Are you not able to drag the control? N/A
    • If you drag it, does it snap back? N/A
  • Does the issue affect all videos, or only some? All videos
    • Do different qualities behave differently? All qualities (except YouTube)
    • Does it matter if the video has been downloaded? No, scrubber is still missing

Here's a screenshot:

My guess is that the scrubber is hidden underneath the native navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

I also noticed that the back button at the bottom now requires two taps to actually go back. The one at the top-left takes one tap.

Edit: Tried it on my Nexus 4 as well running the same version of Jelly Bean. Interestingly, on this device the navigation bar is displayed on the right, so the scrubber is visible at the bottom.


The back button still takes two taps though.

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I'm so confused lol. Where is the Chromecast support? I don't see it anywhere in the app. Running v2.1 GBVB, Android 4.4, HTC Droid DNA. Thanks for any assistance.

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There are a lot of nice changes in this update: setting the default start screen, pull-to-refresh and marking as unwatched are all really useful. But, as @bobby said before, I don't like mark as watched no longer having a dedicated action bar icon. I use that button a lot since I play in external video players.

Overall it's a really good update, so thanks!

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@phantomsnake: A+ bug report! That's exactly what I needed. It turns out that the code for detecting the navigation bar and re-positioning the player controls accordingly wasn't firing correctly on pre-Kit Kat (4.4) devices. The back button taking two taps is the default behavior (the first tap dismisses the player controls), but I think you're right that it makes more sense to close the player right away. I've uploaded a new build with both of these changes and it should be hitting the Play Store within a few hours. By the by, is there a particular reason you're sticking with 4.3? Kit Kat has been available for the Nexus 4 and 7 for quite a while now, so I'm a bit curious.

@briankbl: When a Chromecast receiver is detected on the network the usual cast icon will automatically be added to the Action Bar. Detection can sometimes take a few seconds, but if waiting doesn't seem to help you might try rebooting your phone and/or Chromecast dongle. If GBVB still isn't seeing the receiver while other apps on the device are, please let me know and I'll see what I can see.

@bobby & @zombieclem: I can appreciate that requiring two taps to mark a video as watched is a bit slower, but now that the control toggles between marking as watched and unwatched I have some concerns that an icon may not convey what will happen when pressed as well as text does. That said, I frequently make poor decisions and if the consensus ends up being that this is one of them it's certainly something I'm open to revisiting.

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I can see the trouble with an icon being ambiguous. It would be unclear whether its appearance represents the current watched state or the state that would be set when pressing it.

I think a checkbox somewhere in the main content might work. It would make sense to be close to the video duration as that gives info on current played position (for those using the built-in player, at least). Maybe you could move the duration info down below the video description in order to fit an eye icon and a checkbox alongside it.

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Sorry, it was a goof on my end. "Smart Wi-Fi Toggler" wasn't so smart and turned my Wi-Fi off lol.

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Just tested the new build and it works great! Thanks for the super fast fix!

I did upgrade to Kit Kat when it came out but I downgraded after I realized they removed Flash support and App ops. I know there are ways to get both back now but I honestly don't see any 'must have' features in either Kit Kat or Android L so I'm staying put for now.

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@zombieclem: I can keep that in mind, but, at least for now, I think the menu is going to stay as-is.

@briankbl: I'm happy to hear you're up and running. Thanks for following up!

@phantomsnake: Awesome! Thanks for letting me know.

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I love the app for a long while now. Is there anyway to bring back true full screen though? The android bar fades away but I can still see three dots and there are black bars around the video now. I use an android box hooked up to my TV to browse the app. Am I better off finding a way to revert to prior 2.0 when it went full screen?

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@row: Could you please provide some additional information? The name of the device you're using and the version of Android it's running are the two most important details.

The reason I always ask for this is that there are currently 4,968 different phone/tablet models registered with Google Play that are capable of running the latest versions of GBVB. Most devices receive at least one OS update in their lifetime, so the number of device/OS combinations should easily be twice that. Unless an issue affects everyone it can be hard to track it down without a better idea of where to look.

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I am running a nexus 7 (2013) on the latest KitKat update using ART instead of DALVIK.

If I am watching a video then hit the home button on the app, then come back like an hour later and reopen the app, it always gives me the "Unfortunately Giant Bomb Video Buddy Has Stopped".

Any idea what might be causing this? Is it because I am using ART (which is loads better for the record).

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@atomicedge: Google doesn't consider ART ready to ship as the default runtime yet, so I wouldn't be shocked if it were somehow to blame. That said, I just switched my Nexus 7 over and couldn't reproduce the issue, so other elements could be involved.

Have you allowed Android to report the crash? I'm not seeing anything in the developer console.

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@row: Perfect! It looks like your device is using the old 10" tablet (and larger) UI that was introduced in Android 3.0 and phased out in 4.2. I had a hunch that might be the case, so I banged together a new build for you to try. You can grab the APK here.

If that works (and, at the risk of jinxing it, I think it probably will) I'll upload it to the Play Store. Please let me know once you've had a chance to give it a try.

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Just done a clean install but still the same problem unfortunately! :(

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@row: At the risk of asking a stupid question: that clean install was done by sideloading the APK I linked in my last post, not by installing from the Google Play Store, right?

If so, was there any change in behavior? Maybe it's now drawing the video on the whole screen even if it's not properly hiding the system bar?

If there's been no change at all, maybe the device is a bit more non-standard than I thought (that you can hide the system bar at all indicates that the manufacturer has tinkered with the OS at least a little). Does the main interface show the video details on a separate screen from the list of videos or are they shown together with the list on the left and the details on the right?

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@soup_menu: I may not have reported it. I will do so when it happens again. I'm just trying to think about when I switched to ART, and I have a feeling I way having the crash before then.

I have not been able to confirm this yet, but I think I am only getting this crash when trying to watch UPF, but not when watching quick looks. Could it be the length of the video? Maybe Android is taking away the memory from the app when it is in the background? Or perhaps it's an issue with premium content.

I had some of the "DLC" when I was using iOS, but I have just got some again on Android. I love this app that much.

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@atomicedge: If the player gets removed from memory while it's in the background it should be able to recreate itself when you go back to the app, but it's entirely possible there's something going on that I haven't accounted for. Reporting the crash if/when it happens again would be awesome.

Thanks for the DLC purchase! Much obliged.

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@row: Drat. I figured that was the case, but I couldn't help but hoping. If you're willing to do a bit more testing, I've uploaded a new APK that adds a drop-down next to the quality drop-down. Each option causes the app to use a different combination of ways to put the app into a full-screen mode and, with a bit of luck, at least one of them will work.

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@soup_menu: Good news, some of the combinations work!

0, 1: No improvement.

3, 11: Full screen working again and you can see the playback buttons & scrubber.

7, 15: Full screen works but playback buttons & scrubber disappears.

So I'll try 3 and 11 and post if anything crops up. What are those composed of? Thanks again for your help! I really really appreciate it.

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@row: That's progress! Here's one more APK that should work like mode 3 from the last build. If that does the trick then we should be all set.

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Seems like the Unfinished subheading is missing since the last update.

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@kingpk: The list of categories is sorted alphabetically, so "Unfinished" is going to be last--is there any chance that it was just positioned offscreen? If you've scrolled the menu to the bottom and it's really missing then it may have been an intermittent API issue. Starting with 2.0 I'm no longer hardcoding the categories and am instead relying on the API to provide them. If for some reason the list received from the API didn't include Unfinished then the app wouldn't show it. The app refreshes itself on launch (though only if it's been at least 6 hours since the last refresh) and Unfinished is currently being returned by the API, so if there was an issue it should fix itself soon if it hasn't already.

@atomicedge: I saw your crash report show up in the developer console this morning. I hadn't realized that you were sending video to a Chromecast, not playing it locally, so once I started looking in the right place I was able to reproduce the issue (incidentally, it's not dependent on ART). The cause is a bug in Google's Chromecast library, but I'm testing a fix that should take care of it. Hopefully I'll have it out in the Play Store soon, but until then the best workaround would be to not background the app with the Chromecast remote control interface visible. If you back out to any other screen in the app you should be fine.

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Oh yeah, there it is again. Weird.

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This recent update has been absolutely amazing, especially because of the Chromecast feature. I decided to buy the DLC Rank A because of it, although I probably should have done so earlier...

(That's only the time I've logged in since I got Frequency pro earlier this year, I've probably spent a few dozen or so hours in it before that time.)

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@soup_menu: ah right, sorry for the poor bug report. I wrote it late at night on my tablet and by the time I wanted to check on the thread there was a fix already. And then I forgot to write this for a week. I always remember that shit in the shower and forget it by the time I'm dry. Keep up the great work, this app makes the chromecast worth it.

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@kingpk: Cool. Thanks for following up.

@kingoficeland: Woah! That's a lot of Quick Looks! :) (Thanks for the donation!)

@sogeman: No worries. Happy to hear it's working correctly now.

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Ok weird, I'm pretty sure I watched Upf on the toilet yesterday with the scrubber working. Or I'm totally going crazy. Anyway, it's only showing up when I'm sending it to chromecast.

But here's some details. Looks like in the first Screenshot phantomsnake posted. I'm running it on a galaxy tab 2 7.0 with 4.1.2

It's getting obscured by the menu buttons.

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@sogeman: Exact same issue for me! Version 2.0.2 of GBVB fixed the hidden scrubber for me but the latest micro update, 2.0.3 has it being hidden again. I am running GBVB on a Galaxy Note with Android version 4.1.2

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Not sure if this is possible or not, but you should add the video scrubbing feature that google uses on the movie app where you slide your finger across the screen to get a finer.. scrub? I dunno, that would be a cool addition. Besides that, the app is really amazing and a million times more preferable to watching GB stuff in browser. The way it manages downloads is especially great (though I wish it would say how big file sizes are before actually starting the download).

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@fractology: @sogeman: Pre-4.2 tablets and set-top boxes are going to drive me to drink. In fixing the fullscreen issue for 10"+ screens I inadvertently reintroduced the fullscreen issue for 7" screens. It's looking like there isn't going to be a one-size-fits-all solution to be had here, so I've created a new build with a compromise: the UI should now work correctly out of the box for the vast majority of devices, but for those with pre-4.2 devices with the old tablet UI (like @row) there's a new option in the settings menu. I would have preferred it just work for everyone, but since there are a number of off-brand set-top boxes whose behavior may not conform to expectations this seemed like the most workable compromise.

This new build should be available in the Play Store in just a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@rongalaxy: Right now I'm using Android's built-in video player controls which don't support that drag-to-scrub functionality. It's definitely a nice feature, but it's probably not something that will end up in GBVB in the foreseeable future. Some third party apps like MX Player do support it though, so if you were willing to forgo GBVB's ability to remember how much of a video you've watched you could long-press on the play button to send the video to another app. As for showing file sizes before starting the download, that information isn't made available through the API, so there isn't a good way to get it besides starting the transfer.

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@rongalaxy: Right now I'm using Android's built-in video player controls which don't support that drag-to-scrub functionality. It's definitely a nice feature, but it's probably not something that will end up in GBVB in the foreseeable future. Some third party apps like MX Player do support it though, so if you were willing to forgo GBVB's ability to remember how much of a video you've watched you could long-press on the play button to send the video to another app. As for showing file sizes before starting the download, that information isn't made available through the API, so there isn't a good way to get it besides starting the transfer.

Didnt know about the long press to send to a different player feature, which is really smart/cool!

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Thanks, it works now.

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@soup_menu: Not to be awkward, but although I get that error when using a chromecast, I also get it when not casting a video... However the app will be detecting that there is a cast on the network. Maybe that is enough to cause the issue?

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@atomicedge: The "Unfortunately Giant Bomb Video Buddy Has Stopped" message just generically indicates that the app has crashed. If you're getting that when you're not casting then you've most likely stumbled upon a different bug. I'm not seeing any new crashes in the developer console though, so if you're encountering one please report it.

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That was an amazingly quick fix! Thanks so much soup_menu. I don't mind having the toggle in the settings one bit. After the auto-update my playback controls were in the right place and no longer hidden.

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@soup_menu: A quick question! I just flipped over from iOS to Android, and have an SD card in my phone. Is there any chance of an option to download videos to the SD card? My phone doesn't allow for the moving of whole apps to external storage.

#190 Posted by soup_menu (275 posts) -

@atomicedge: Android has a weird relationship with removable storage. Officially, it wasn't supported until 4.4 except in a few special cases (notably the Nexus One, the only Nexus brand phone to have an SD card slot). Device manufacturers have been bolting on support for years, but not in a single, standard way, so it's been tricky for apps to get at the external storage. I'm currently using a third-party library that tries to handle all the different cases that exist in the wild, but it's possible--if not likely--that some devices aren't supported. Now that more than half of GBVB's users have upgraded to 4.4 it may be time to look more closely at the new way to access external storage, but it will take a bit of time and possibly require some beta testers (I don't own any 4.4 devices with a removable SD card).

TL;DR: If you aren't seeing a "Save to SD Card" option in the settings then using the SD card isn't currently supported for your device. If you're running 4.4 I may be able to add support in the future, but I don't currently have an ETA.

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@soup_menu: That's understandable. If you would like me to test, I'm happy to do so. I have an Sony xperia z2 16gb with a 64gb Sd card in it running 4.4.2 (the latest available).

#192 Posted by soup_menu (275 posts) -

@atomicedge: I was able to throw together a quick beta version that may add support for SD cards on 4.4 (here's the APK). If it works, a new option should appear in the settings menu to let you toggle where files download. If you get a chance, would you mind trying out the following scenarios?

  1. With an SD card inserted, try downloading to the internal storage. It should work as usual.
  2. With an SD card inserted, try downloading to the SD card. It should download to <SD Card Root>/Android/data/com.giantbomb.unofficial.gbvb.android/files/videos/
  3. With the SD card removed, try downloading to the SD card. It should default back to the internal storage.
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Just came here to say thanks for adding premium content support!

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It would be awesome if you added chromcast support. I would love to be able to watch the videos on my tv without having to go into the ps4 web browser. Thanks!

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@soup_menu: Hey, downloaded the beta APK but it won't install. Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 4.4.2. Any advice?

#197 Posted by soup_menu (275 posts) -

@defordj: The first thing that comes to mind is making sure that your phone is set to allow you to install apps from sources other than the App Store. It looks like instructions for doing this on the S5 can be found here: http://gs5.wonderhowto.com/how-to/enable-unknown-sources-so-you-can-download-third-party-apps-your-galaxy-s5-0154581/

If that wasn't it, could you let me know if there's any particular error message that gets displayed? Failing to install is a bit unusual, so anything that might hint at the root cause would help in troubleshooting.

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@soup_menu: Yeah, phone is set up to allow unknown sources. Upon trying to install, it just fails with "App not installed" as the only message. Attached 2 images. I am trying to install it over the regular, non-beta version. Should I uninstall that first?

#199 Posted by soup_menu (275 posts) -

@defordj: That could be the issue. The beta has a lower version number than the current Play Store build and it's possible your phone doesn't like that. Doing a clean install ought to work, but I think I can do you one better. The changes had seemed relatively low-risk and I received some reports that they did the trick, so I'd been meaning to cut a new release when I had a chance and your post was the kick in the pants I needed. It just finished uploading, so it should be available in the Play Store within a few hours.

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