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I need a little something to fill in the lulls at work, but since this site doesn't cover mobile games very well (and when they do, it's always Apple first), I have no idea what is out there or good. I have a number of requirements/strong preferences for this game

1) That it be turn based, requiring little in the way of twitch reflexes, so I can pick it up and put it down easily. One-handed playing is also preferred

2) That it require at least some strategy (light strategy is okay, but less mindless than Candy Crush)

3) That sound is not required to enjoy it

4) This is for a phone and not a tablet, though my HTC One M8 has a pretty big screen.

It does not need to be free, but I've been hesitant to shell out $16 for a Squenix game. That's all that occurs to me right now. I appreciate your help.

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Check out Scurvy Scallywags. It's a free to play match 3 game, but there's a purpose to when/where you match pieces because your character and enemies are also on the board.

I haven't spent too much time with Strata, but I picked it up on someone else's recommendation and it looks like it fits your criteria quite nicely.

For paid games I'd recommend Hitman Go and Threes. Or for something FTL-esque, Out There

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@veektarius: Sounds like Hitman GO might be a good fit for you.

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I enjoy a game called Pixel Dungeon. It's a pretty difficult Rogue-like with different base classes and they update fairly consistently with new content & bug fixes.

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I really like Slay, which was originally an old Windows game. It's a straightforward hex-based strategy game against multiple AI opponents.


The sudoku app I use and would highly recommend is called "Enjoy Sudoku". It's got a bunch of options and features, including some good tutorials and a hint system that actually gives you hints before telling you what to do (for example, it might say "Look closely at this highlighted row" or "Consider the number 3" before telling you "just put a 3 here").

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Dungelot- Kind of a minesweeper with a hint of RPG (different classes, abilities ect.) Nice Visual style. Easy to pick up and put down. Tap to unveil squares, fight enemy's, find key, exit to next floor.

Out there!- Fun outer space sci-fi game with resource management. You are trying to get back home. Permadeath and cool random events for better but mostly worse. It is a hard game surviving to rigors of space.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to try Out There first and Hitman Go will be a good second step.

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I don't play a lot of mobile games, but Jetpack Joyride is my go to. That game is fun if you can ignore all the stuff they try to make you buy (that ultimately you don't really need).

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In no particular order:

  • The Room
  • Carcassone
  • Plague, Inc.
  • Elder Sign: Omens
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Ridiculous Fishing
  • The Last Express
  • Totemo
  • 10000000
  • Reaper
  • Star Command
  • Rayman Jungle Run

Also, I've heard that Badland and Naught 1 & 2 are good, but I haven't played them, yet. I've picked up a lot of good Android games in Humble Bundles over the last year.

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Dead Tigger

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All the Kairosoft games. Well, most of their older ones anyway. I haven't played any of their recent stuff (if there is any. I haven't checked.), but I feel like I can confidently recommend most of their older catalogue.

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Monument Valley is $2 on the Google Play store right now and I thought it was pretty good. A bit short, though.

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Hitman go is by far the best mobile/tablet game I've ever played. Granted, that's not really saying much, but it's actually really good. It almost feels like playing a real game.

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All the Kairosoft games. Well, most of their older ones anyway. I haven't played any of their recent stuff (if there is any. I haven't checked.), but I feel like I can confidently recommend most of their older catalogue.

You say you haven't played any of their recent stuff, but that's not really true. I've you've played their older stuff, you've played the newer stuff. They're really all the same (or the same 2 or 3) game(s). And as time went on, the games just continued to converge.

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don't forget Threes, Knights of Pen and Paper, and... Ingress? Well, Ingress is not really what you are looking for but JOIN THE ENLIGHTENED.

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@unclebenny: Honestly, I never understood the attraction of threes. I played one version of its clone that had pictures of Nic Cage and I got bored in like 5 minutes.

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Super Hexagon. You're not an adult if you can't pass its 6 stages. There I said it.

Are you sure the clone of Threes! you played wasn't using 2048 rules, because Threes! is way better than that game.

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@fear_the_booboo: it was 2048. How is that different?

Also Super Hexagon meets like, one of my criteria.

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@veektarius: Yep sorry, totally missed you wanted turn based (but hey super hexagon is still great). My mistake.

The difference is in how the tiles move. In threes!, they just move one square at the time instead of moving completely across the board. It changes the strategy greatly. That said, I doubt you would like Threes! if you don't like that type of puzzle game entirely.

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agree with others on The Room, Hitman Go and Star Command.

10000000 is a great for 1 handed play, has some light strategy, does not require sound, and is better on the phone. Its a rouge-like-like-like dungeon crawler match three game, weird genre but its fun and way less mindless than Candyfuck.