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Today was a very unfortunate day for my girlfriend and I. We lost something near and dear to us. My girlfriends Animal Crossing 3ds XL along with 7 other games were stolen from her at her job at a local restaurant. It was kept in a place that only employees had access. She's very upset because it was her favorite thing in the world. She had close to 100 hours on Animal Crossing and close to 60 on monster hunter 3. She's taking it hard cause she knows it was her that brought it there but she had done so many times before. Plus one of her favorite things about bringing it to work was checking for street passes when she got off. She is devastated about all of her animal crossing friends that she will never see again and the town she built. Luckily we had an extra pikachu one in the closet but all of her saves can never be recovered. She had over 90 photos chronicling her entire animal crossing run as mayor of Beaver (don't ask it's exactly what you think). I bought her ACNL and MH3U again already cause those were her favorites (and the ones we play together everyday) but she seriously looks like she lost a best friend. I hope that bastard will see how much time she put into each of those games and feels like shit. We've filed a police report and gave them the serial number but I doubt we shall see it again. So long beaver, hello beaver2 I guess :(

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Man that's a shitty story, sorry for your girlfriend dude.

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@xxcrazycostaxx: If anything, the person that stole it was just looking for something quick to sell for some extra money. You might want to check some of the local pawn shops. You might get lucky and actually find it there, and if you can prove it's yours, then you'll get it back right away. The guy might have gotten away, but at least she'll have her DS back.

Good luck, I hope you find it, and maybe catch the guy that did it. Don't lose hope just yet, crazier things have happened.

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I guess the only real advice i can give is to reassure her it is not her fault, and she should not be scared to bring her toys to work. Just perhaps, not tell anyone, she did, or keep it on her, or something.

But, again, its not her fault for bringing it to work, its the asshats fault for taking something that dosent belong to him/her.

Thats all the advice i have.

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Thanks for the post guys, she's reading them off my phone and is glad to know her sadness is warranted. I called like 8 pawn shops and 3 gamestops so we are just waiting for someone to be dumb enough to drop it off there, we did file a police report also so they are helping. I'm just glad her love for games wasn't destroyed by this cause it was very hard to get her to start ACNL over again but she is finally enjoying it now. Needless to say but she will be taking the new pikachu xl places just not ones where it can't be on her or in her site at all times, although I do agree she should feel safe to have her stuff at work and be able to trust her employees, that sadly will not be the case.

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That post was really adorable. As the Mayor of Deep Web I would like to express my deepest sympathies.

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I feel sorry for her, that must suck so much.

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@xxcrazycostaxx: That sounds really crappy. I've been addicted to New Leaf lately and i can't imagine losing all my work.

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Wait, so Animal Crossing saves are tied to the system? There's no way to buy a new 3DS and a new copy of Animal Crossing and download your profile/save game?

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Shame about her Beaver. Hope she gets all her stuff back, losing that many hours it's hard to start over again.

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@rvone: As far as I know, there is no "cloud" feature for 3ds games. I could be wrong though.

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@rvone said:

Wait, so Animal Crossing saves are tied to the system? There's no way to buy a new 3DS and a new copy of Animal Crossing and download your profile/save game?

Have you met Nintendo? Cloud saves etc are nothing but a pipe dream to them :-)

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@mattf87 said:

@rvone said:

Wait, so Animal Crossing saves are tied to the system? There's no way to buy a new 3DS and a new copy of Animal Crossing and download your profile/save game?

Have you met Nintendo? Cloud saves etc are nothing but a pipe dream to them :-)

lol, the last system I bought from them was the Wii. I thought that they would have implemented some kind of modern save system for the 3DS/WiiU. I don't know why I thought they would do that, though. :)

Still, I feel sorry for the OP and his girlfriend.

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No there is no way to recover it, it's so sad really....the first night she cried in her sleep and I had to wake her up (not kidding). She really loves that game. She literally had done almost everything you can do with that many hours. I love her so much and I wish there was more I could do. It's awesome having a girlfriend that plays games but its horrible watching them get stolen from her. I have to say thank you to all of you. You guys are awesome. I've been coming to this site for years and have always stayed in the closet when it comes to the forums but damn I feel like that was a mistake now cause you guys are a hell of a lot better than most game sites. All of you guys have been nice and caring and I can't thank you guys enough

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@thehumandove: agreed. Just be careful everyone. People (even the one you think are friends) can still screw you over. She's been playing her new copy all day and keeps saying I'm gonna make this the best town over so I think she's about 75% over her blues

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Her friend code is 0018-1057-1357. If anyone wants to coordinate helping rebuilding her beaver that would be awesome :)

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I would be choked if that was me.

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I really really hate people with butter fingers. God damn they deserve a shiv to the face. Really sorry to hear about what happened.

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@techhits: Right, still like I said luckily her love for games wasn't destroyed cause she was talking like it was for a day and it was scary. She's the first girlfriend that I've had that we play games together. Our nights consist of dinner, a bottle of whine and some ACNL or some MH3U. Recently got her playing alive madness returns and Catherine and she's really enjoying both. She's the best :)

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Alice* wine* damn iPhones lol

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As mayor of Catopia, I am deeply saddened by your loss and hope you can rebuild better than ever.

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eehh.....As mayor and dictator of Dudetown i'm sorry for your loss.

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As mayor of Bioforge, I play a flute in remembrance of the town and citizens lost.

Loading Video...

Note: I didn't make the video - that's not me. I'm nowhere near awesome enough to be able to play the Bioforge flute song.

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I feel bad that it happened, but I still really want to post Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me."

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@xxcrazycostaxx: I'd love to help!~ My town isn't that great itself as I've only just started the game, but I can definitely help her! My friend code is 3437-4101-5826 - Raven

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@xxcrazycostaxx: That's really crappy, man. Sorry to hear it. I've been taking my 3DS XL to work every day, but I don't trust my coworkers enough to leave it where they can get to it. I keep it in sleep mode in my pocket, however considering the size of the thing, I doubt that's even possible for a lot of people. Anyway, it's really unfortunate. I'd be devastated and maybe even bloodthirsty.

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@xxcrazycostaxx: Don't know if you've checked craigslist yet but that's another place it could definitely end up, hope it all goes well!

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@xxcrazycostaxx: As a fellow Animal Crossing player, that's heartbreaking to hear. Is her new version of the game digital? And have you registered all of her games with Nintendo?

If her AC is the digital version, there's now a way to backup your saves to the PC, and while those saves will only work on the same 3DS registered to your account, if you can have Nintendo transfer your ownership, I do believe it's possible to get back your saves in the case of a theft. And Nintendo can sometimes help people by giving them some eShop credit in case of proven theft, depending on if you've registered games with them.

They're both definite longshots for the future, but maybe they might help in the case of things going awful. You may also do an online search for unofficial programs and some carts that can be used to possibly backup 3DS and DS saves. I've seen some, and while I haven't used them myself, they might be able to give you some greater peace of mind.

Glad she's feeling better and getting back into it.

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@kagaminerin: awesome I'm gonna give her the code now!!

Thanks again everyone, we have been checking Craigslist daily and the cop that helped us called to let me know he is checking the data base for it daily. She's getting pretty heavy back into it again so that's good (she set an alarm so she wouldn't miss the fireworks tonight at 7 lol).

Ill make sure to let everyone here know if the cops do find it since you all took the time out of your day to say something nice.

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@xxcrazycostaxx: Is she enjoying the fireworks show? I'm loving it. Did she make any custom fireworks for it? :)

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Aw, what a terrible thing. Though it's nice to know your girlfriend has mostly got past the blues. Best of luck to finding the stolen goods.

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@truthtellah: yeah we both played our town and ran around to the fireworks. They were awesome. She didn't get to make any cause we were both so damn busy with those cookies and prizes lol

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@sunbrozak: thanks, yeah that was my biggest worry but thank god she still loves games. She spent the day playing it since we finally had absolutely nothing to do today for once