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So for the longest time I keep hearing about how there's a line of Nintendo games that people spend hundreds of hours living their virtual lives in and have super fond memories of. I decided to finally look into this and I find myself confused, what exactly is the difference is between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, can you guys help me out here? Which game is the one with the guy you owe money to that Jeff seems to be so fond of? Which game has the mayor getting all into your personal business (and telling you to get married)? What are the major differences and which franchise is better?

I noticed that both franchises are coming to the 3DS in 2012 and am wondering which game you guys would recommend more. I also have a Wii (somewhere in my house) and am wondering if I should start there instead.

Any help is appreciated.

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I think Harvest Moon has more of a goal or something?

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Animal Crossing lets you simulate owing money to a greedy-as-fuck Raccoon for most of your time playing the game. Harvest Moon lets you simulate running a farm, getting married, having a kid, then dying.

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Animal Crossing is a game where you have a town. Your primary goal is to get a big house, and decorate it. Other goals include filling in the exhibits at museums and celebrating festivals.

Harvest Moon is about farming. You start out with a field full of rocks and stumps, which you must clean. In the end, you have a variety of plant and animal life, and start your own family.

Both are super fun, though unconventional.

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Harvest moon is a lot more management based. You have to take care of your crops, animals, family, yourself, and your farm in general. It's lot more demanding of a game just because you have to figure out which crops are best for the current season and you only have limited time per day to get all your work done. It's a lot of in game time management. In-game days go by fast so it can be a pain in the ass to get everything done.

Animal crossing is more about socializing with the animal like people of your town and running errands for them. You collect furniture for your house, clothes for your character, go fishing, hunt for insects, search for fossils and donate them to the local museum, plant trees, all while paying off your house loan to Tom Nook. That filthy son of a bitch raccoon mother-... *ahem* anyway.

Also, there are seasons in Animal crossing but the difference is that in Animal crossing, the seasons reflect real life because the in game clock is based on the system clock. So if its 2:00 pm on the 15th of December in real life, it's the same in animal crossing. So in that case, it would be snowing and the town will be decorated with christmas lights, ect. There are a ton of seasonal events in animal crossing. Some of them are based off real world holidays and some are made up festivals. I had the nintendo strategy guide that had a calender with all the games events marked off on it. It was very useful. Not many games use that in game clock system. It was cool because I have these memories of getting in game on christmas eve to get my presents from the santa clause like animal that wanders around town the night before christmas.

I loved both of those games on gamecube. I played them around the same time so they definitely share some of my memories. Good times.

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Animal crossing is about crippling debt and designing umbrellas.

Harvest Moon is about enchanted pickaxes and bribing women with cake.

I enjoy both very much.

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I got this... Harvest moon is you live in a small town. You are a farmer. You make money by farming. Yup. Animal crossing is you living in a town that is in the middl of nowhere. Everyone dresses up as animals, the main ringleader "Tom Nook" makes you pay for upgrades you didn't sign to.

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I don't think I need to say what's already been said but I will point out that both games teach you the importance of MY MATERIALISTIC NEEDS!!! friends, families and taking care of one another.

You should take a look at the Runescape series too since it's essentially just Harvest Moon but with some light dungeon crawler elements to it. Good fun too.

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@Trilogy: Can I celebrate Ramadan in Animal Crossing?

@zombiebigfoot said:

Animal Crossing lets you simulate owing money to a greedy-as-fuck Raccoon for most of your time playing the game. Harvest Moon lets you simulate running a farm, getting married, having a kid, then dying.

Man that last sentence sounds depressing.....

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@Vinny_Says: Well, at least that's how I remember the original gamecube one ending. It timeskips and you die of old age like.. a year (I think) after having your kid.

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Animal Crossing is as addictive as crystal meth.
Tom Nook WILL get his money. He does not care how you do it. Fruit harvesting, fishing, digging, prostitution, selling your organs or drug dealing are all valid options. As long as you pay him his money you should be able to walk away from his shop with one or both of your legs unbroken if you are lucky. 
Edit: Also, don't fuck with Mr. Resetti. He'll mess you up so badly no one will recognize you.

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@Fripplebubby: Okay, that's some fucked up shit.

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Congratulations guys. No one can ever enjoy these two franchises again ever (assuming they weren't already buried in the game boxes for the countless versions of Harvest Moon; already suffocated to death).

I'd also describe Animal Crossing as a virtual release of submissive fantasies (conscious or unconscious) towards an obnoxious and abusive landlord.

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This 10 minutes of movie is like 12 hours of playing the game played out almost exactly watch it you will understand animal crossing plot in detail.

then watch this

Obviously Havest moon sucks balls when held up by animal crossing/forest and tom nook is a fucking memeber of the japanese mafia.

And animal crossing is a fantasy land for furry and people that dont know they are furry but like this game in secret.

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@Fripplebubby said:

Animal Crossing is a psychological horror game masquerading as a social simulation.

Harvest Moon is about giving flowers to ladies and moving rocks.

That was a great read....how can I not play this game?

On the other hand, moving rocks was my favourite part of GTA Chinatown Wars...or are you talking about something else?

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Harvest Moon is the fucking shit, and one of the most Japanese games ever. It's a farming/dating sim, which is just... how can you not like it? What other game offers that?

Animal Crossing is fun, too. Quick tip, though: if you do end up playing this, never, and I mean never return to it after an extended period of time. If you fire the game back up after, say, 3 years, then the in-game characters will freak out at you, asking where the fuck you were. The town will be an absolute mess (because apparently you're the only one who maintains it) and everything will just have gone to total shit. It's practically post-apocalyptic; like nature has reclaimed the rotting husk of your abandoned town.

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Animal Crossing is all about finding Gulliver washed up on the beach.

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You've pretty much already had your questions answered, but thanks for giving me the urge to play Harvest Moon again.

Oh man that fucking game.

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As much as people hate Destructoid, their City Folk review pretty well nails the appeal of the franchise.

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I suggest staying the fuck away from any recent Harvest Moon. Man, that series went to shit in an awful hurry after the N64 and PS versions.

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Oh man, now I'm debating on getting a Harvest Moon game and returning to either Animal Crossing DS or just getting A New Leaf...dammit

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I keep one of these around in case I ever get the urge to play another Animal crossing.

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This is ALL you need to know about Animal Crossing:


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<p>I'm with nightriff on this one! Bloody gah!</p>