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I'd appreciate if you only ask for a copy if you have never played it so that someone else may experience it. After all; I give these away for people that may not have the money to spare or have missed the sale and can't afford it now. Basically, I do it to help out the community so please only ask for the game if you really intend to play it and give it a good home. Thanks!

I have 9 copies to give away!! :O

How to get your copy:

1. Post a comment requesting it on this thread. (So I know who asked first)

2. Add me as a friend on steam. Username: pat_steam. DisplayName: FalPatrick (So I know you have a steam account and will gift it through friends)



PS. Do not add me to Steam and ask me for random games. That's not how it works.

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I bought it on launch and beat it, I'd like two copies please. 
I'm joking, this is very generous of you! 

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Me Me I would like one.

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me please!

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Of the Lost?

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Why hello thank you!

my steam name is chickendude05

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WHAAAAAT this is generosity at its finest. I'd love a copy! I've always heard great things but have never played it. Pretty please!

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@Euphorio said:

WHAAAAAT this is generosity at its finest. I'd love a copy! I've always heard great things but have never played it. Pretty please!

Please add me on steam to get your copy.

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I would like to get one, i heard a lot good opinions of this game but i never played it

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I'm guess I'm number eight.... I don't want one it's fine but this is very generous of you.

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I have Dungeon Defenders and Trine as gifts, pm me an email addy or ping me on Steam.

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Damn. Well, i want one, if you have any more left.

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I have never played it so why not

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i want! ^_^

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Very kind of you to give so much away! I already have Limbo so I'll pass, but great game, really! :D

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Just wanted to say that this is a mark of a good community and good people.

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Ill take NBA 2k12 please!*

Oh and Orion-Dino beat down.*

*In jokes.

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@pyton: @MikeGosot: @VoshiNova: Copies have been gifted.

@rb_man: Add me on steam if you want a copy.

@Akyho: lololollolol

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@falpatrick: Thank you so much! I'll be sure to return the favor!

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@falpatrick: Hey can I just get your full steam URL the search does not want to find you for some reason.

EDIT: NVM it jut started working

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There are still 2 copies up for grabs!

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@falpatrick: If you still have one available I want one :)

I can't add you though because I haven't purchased a game yet (new to steam)

but here is my username if you feel up to it.


Ps. Thanks for doing this in general, i'm sure a lot of people appreciate it.

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I'd love one if there is any left although like Dexter Morgan I am new to steam, have no games and so can't add friends but my username is sean2206 like my profile here. Thanks

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If theres one left, i'd love it. I've sent you an invitation on Steam (steviesa123/BlazeArrow)

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That's the last copy gone! Congratulations to all and I hope you enjoy.

Keep an eye out for more of my Steam giveaways!

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I need one.. :)i have added you on steam though.


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hi... I could give it a good home.. ^_^

i don't really trade games. i play them. and give it away to my friends


Username: aze_unkn0wn


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Last copy was given away 2 weeks ago.