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So I just purchased my first Animal Crossing game, the one for the DS, because I wanted something to play when it is slow at work. But I have no idea really what I am doing. It is a much more open ended game than I thought it would be. First off I want to play the game kinda legit, no advancing in time and stuff. Right now the store to sell things is closed for the day because he is "Remodeling" so basically I have nothing to do today and have to wait till midnight to actually do something. Is there more to this that I am just missing?

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Nook remodeling = a very good thing. Don't worry, tomorrow Nook's store will be bigger and better. I suggest getting a shovel when you can, that's the most useful item. Pay attention to festivals and events, they're fun and help you earn stuff. I can't remember if it is in the DS version, but I loved the fishing contest. In the beginning, focus on paying off your debts. Once you get a big house, you can start collecting furniture and living large.

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My friends and I would play that game every day during art instead of doing actual work, man I loved it! As BoG mentioned, get a shovel, and every other tool for that matter (axe, fishing pole, a third that I am forgetting at the moment). Check into your town every day, there may be events going on or visitors dropping by. Chop down a few run of the mill trees and replace them with fruit trees... man, this is making me want to go buy a ds and this game... I'll be right back. Where did I put my wallet?

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@BoG: @david3cm: Sadly a shovel wasn't in the store the first day, otherwise I wouldn't be complaining so much. Having just the bug net and fishing pole is killing me right now. Is there a storage in the game? Somewhere to stock shit to sell later?

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the only way to get Nookingtons (the final nook upgrade) is to visit a town that has already acquired Nookingtons.

Also, look for coconuts on the beach you can plant them and make moolah. Same for any foreign fruit...

And definitely keep your eyes locked on the upper screen so you can shoot the UFO, Postman, Etc. with your slingshot!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGCc0WqvVT4 good for your brain

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Walk on a set path and plant flowers around said path makes the town look really nice.

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@Nightriff: Buy any chest, drawers, or something you would expect to be stoarge. Put it in your house, open it, and bam! you've got tons of space.

As @david3cm: said, plant fruit trees. Just get a fruit, dig a hole, and bury the fruit. Try and plant fruits that aren't native to your town, as you'll earn more money when you sell them.

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@BoG: I feel stupid now because the first item I found on the beach was a coconut and I sold it, didn't know it was so freaking rare.

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@Nightriff: That's not so bad. They wash up fairly often. With coconuts, make sure you bury them on the beach, or they won't grow. Other fruits are much harder to come by. I think you need to visit another town to get them.

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@BoG said:

@Nightriff: That's not so bad. They wash up fairly often. With coconuts, make sure you bury them on the beach, or they won't grow. Other fruits are much harder to come by. I think you need to visit another town to get them.

Can I visit a random town or does it have to be a friends town? I'm confused on that part of the game

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@Nightriff: I don't think you can leave unless it is to a friend's town. You'll need a friend code and stuff. I'm sure you can find some websites dedicated to AC with people willing to visit.

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Tom Nook is an Asshole and furrys think he is sexy.

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Go see that funky dog with the guitar, get out of your debt slavery to Tom Nook. Visit other people's towns if you can still find someone with a copy. I remember fishing a lot to get money in that game. Also, fuck those never ending weeds. My game is probably all weeds after all these years.

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The more you buy from Nook, the fancier his store gets. Pay off your debts quickly if you can. Go to the post office and learn how you can improve your town.

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Start a apple farm. Or a fruit that isn't native to your town. Clean out a nice square area, preferably by your house, then plant the apple there. When it grows plant those 3 and so on. Once you have a huge orchard sell each one for 500 bells. Then pay off your dept, buy everything in his store so that he'll upgrade. Sell back items you dont want. Them repeat. Pimp out your house afterwards. Or start a band or an aquarium in your basement! I made an aquiriam. The pride you feel when you caught that last fish.

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Buy two shovels, bury one. Wait 24 hours and dig it up. Now you have a golden shovel, which you can use to hit rocks with (sometimes cash pops out). Also, it looks cool. The other golden tools are hard to get, but the shovel is easy.

On a Sunday morning, spend a bunch of bells buying turnips from one of the animals (she shows up every Sunday and talks about turnips). Check the turnip prices at Nook's until they're a lot higher than what you paid, and you can make tons of bells.

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Send some mail to your villagers with a few lines of nonsense (I think there might be some detection for nice words in there but I'm not completely sure) and then attach a piece of fruit or a shell. Most letters you get back will be stationary or shirts, but some villagers will send you foreign fruit. Plant some, start an orchard and you'll have an easy way to make good money every 3 days.

I used to play the game a hell of a lot back in 2006... used to frequent animalxing.com. I haven't checked back there in a while, but they had a bunch of useful guides and tips on their site for just about everything.

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@Kowbrainz: Is there any guide to what to say to them? I send complete sentences that are in the vain of "Need help? How are you?" and I guess there 1st grade education was complete shit because they don't understand that

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YOu have to write it in animal crossing format.

Good morning (animal's name)! I hope you have a wonderful day. I am giving you this (gift attached) because I think you are cool! have a wonderful day (animal's name)!


Here is a present for you. It's a (item name).

Good morning (animal's name)! I hope you have a wonderful day. I am giving you this (gift attached) because I think you are cool! have a wonderful day (animal's name)!

I got this for you. I hope you like it.

Do not piss off the animals in town with your suck ass letter writing and never send a letter with out a package.
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@Nightriff: heh most of the time they will say they can't understand it, but they'll send you back stuff anyway as long as you give them a gift of some sort.

You don't have to do exactly what Cubical says, but putting nice words like "good" and "wonderful" and maybe dropping their name may help. Try and make it a four-line letter if you can.

Here's a guide someone wrote, not sure how valid some stuff they're saying is but it gives you a good idea.