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I was looking at the windows phone 7 games that will have achievements and syncing with the xbox and I was wondering, do you think there's any possibility that zunes will be able to do the same thing? I would love to have moblie games that are linked to my xbox live gamertag but don't want to need a phone for it...

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They already said that the first generation of the Zune HD won't support Windows 7 Mobile, which means no games with achievements.  
However, the way Microsoft said this made it sound like the inevitable follow-up to the Zune HD will probably have this support. Yet they still haven't announced a proper remodel/follow-up to the Zune HD, which kinda bugs me since the original has been out for nearly a year now and if Apple updates its iPods/iPhones on a yearly basis, why can't Microsoft?

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I'm currently listening to my original model Zune 30GB which is still going strong. It's nearly four years old now and has survived college, two trips to Europe, and a stint in the Army and is still going strong. By comparison my sister has been through about three iPods in the same time period which gave out for various reasons. Beyond the basic different memories sizes that you will inevitably get with MP3 players I think that Microsoft realizes that they arn't exactly setting the market on fire and are concentrating more on making a solid design that they can then milk for several years. Remember it was nearly three years before the Zune HD came out.
As for games being on the next model that seems likely. Microsoft is going to want to make as much money as possible off of the Zune so why wouldn't they?