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Could you recommend me some epic fantasy games such as Skyrim, Icewind Dale, baldur's gates and Dragon age.

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Neverwinter Nights is pretty good. Particularly Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark and Neverwinter Nights 2 Mask of the Betrayer. Also might be interested in Icewind Dale and the Temple of Elemental Evil if you're ok with jumping back in time quite a bit. I can't think of too many recent worthwhile suggestions aside from the already mentioned Skyrim and Dragon Age sadly.

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@MentalDisrupiton I've bought Neverwinter Nights platinum edition but I can't get it to work on windows 7.

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Xenoblade Chronicles is pretty epic.

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Infinity Blade?

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Ni no Kuni

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@shotgunblast97: It should be possible to run Neverwinter Nights on Windows 7. Have you tried the critical rebuild 1.69 patch? I recall having to patch my copy to get it to run on Windows 7. I believe this is the patch. If you have the platinum edition then you should have the game + both expansions so you likely just need the HOTU patch. Hopefully that might get it to work. I get issues at times with the intro/start up, but if it goes past that the game seems to work just fine. Hopefully that helps.

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Try the Drakensang games. They aren't up to the polish of the titles you mentioned, but it's not a genre where many titles fly under the radar. Oh, you didn't mention the Witcher - that isn't party-based, but maybe you'd be into it.

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@MentalDisrupiton I've bought Neverwinter Nights platinum edition but I can't get it to work on windows 7.

I remember there being something I had to do to get mine to start up properly, but I can't look into it now. Will take a look for you after I get out of my classes for the day.

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Consider Dark Souls and The Witcher games. Neither are as high fantasy as the games mentioned in the OP, but still I found them immensely satisfying.

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The YS series is great. It's like a 16 bit darksouls.