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I've been watching some Skyrim Behind the Scenes on Youtube. I'm always pretty fascinated by watching masters talk about and show their work. For me, it ads to the experience in a fun way rather than deconstructs the game. But, sadly, too many times they're just shallow promo videos that barely say anything worthwhile.

I don't really know how to seek out Behind the Scenes of games, often it's exclusive to the collector's editions. But if you're just as fond of this stuff as me, I'll gladly take some tips. The meatier the better, production quality isn't that important.


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Bastion right here on the site. Also check out the indievelopment series on gamespot.


BTW it would be nice if someone could tell me how to make proper links on this forum, I've searched everywhere for it.

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Some stuff for older games:
If you wanna something to read, you can have a look at Jordan Mechner - The Making of Prince of Persia, essentially diary entries from back in the day.
GDC11 had some great post-mortams of classic games. 

The making of Another World:

    LucasArts the Early Years,  contains stuff on ZacMacKracken, Indy3 and Star Wars:  
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@sparks50: Thanks for the answer. I've watched all of Building the Bastion and loved it.

If there isn't a way to get rid of the button menu right above where you write the post, there's one button that says "Link". Press it and paste the adress in the URL field. Though, I'm not sure it works differently in other browsers than Chrome. I hope I got your question right.

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@Grumbel: Thank you very much.