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I was just listening to an old Retronauts episode on video game music, and then I remembered that Ray Barnholt used to do a video game music podcast (now defunct), and then I did some quick searching and saw that most (if not all) video game music podcasts are now defunct, and now I'm figuring that a video game music podcast would be pretty easy to put together. I'm just wondering if there's any demand for it. Would you listen to a video game music podcast?

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For the past two years, Rebel FM has done a video game music podcast in December as sort of a "holiday special".

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@zanzibarbreeze: There is actually already one. Amplified Gamers. I know some of the duders who do it. They've been at it for quite a while. http://www.amplifiedgamers.com/

I've not listened to this show, but just from looking at the website it seems like it's a regular four-guys-talking-about-games podcast, maybe with some music playing here or there.

I'm talking more like a half-hour weekly show, all music, carefully curated, maybe with a DJ providing some information about the tracks.

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@zanzibarbreeze: Ah, well yeah its not purely about music but it is music focused.

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Just posted episode 133, so you'll have a big backlog. They focus more on the 8-bit, 16-bit era. They discuss each track so not quite what you're looking for.

On another note, more music related and less videogame related. A chiptune podcast that does a weekly focus on new chiptunes.


Hope someone finds it interesting.

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Definitely, I do a VGM show on my uni's student radio station and I'm always looking for new music to play.

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I swear by the Legacy Music Hour. Great show.

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If you want a podcast about video game composers check out the Top Score podcast


She's had a ton of great composers on (Marty O'Donnell, Jeremy Soule, Jesper Kyd, Darren Korb) recently she had Gary Schyman on talking about Bioshock: Infinite. Super interesting and it's actually given me a newfound appreciation of classical music.

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@zanzibarbreeze I really like Top Score with Emily Reese. It's from Classical Minnesota Public Radio, and they do interviews with current video game composers on their soundtracks. It's a great show and Emily is a great host/interviewer (she almost always has played the game to completion prior to the show, and comes in really informed on the game). It gives you a clue into the VG music industry. I really loved listening to Jesper Kyd talk about the Assassin's Creed scores, and the Dead Space 2 interview was fascinating. They're pretty short (about 20-30 minutes), but packed with content. Made me appreciate the Red Steel soundtrack?!

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I listen to VGMpire and Top Score.

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I would say it depends on what kind of music and the format of the show. If was "Hey here's a bunch of 8 bit Mario and Nintendo esque music..." I'd say fuck that. But if it was something along the lines of here's Theme from Narc played by the Pixies or here's that "amazing" ballad from Phantasmagoria, I'd be on that podcast pretty quick... And if it were to feature themed episodes or interviews with composers and artists it would only be more of a plus.

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VGMpire is all you need. All the Laser Time shows are great.

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It really depends. It can't be just video game music with light/no explanation as a regular online video game station would then suffice. Something I would listen to would be a podcast focusing on a game or specific composer and what was the thought process in arranging the score the way it was. An example would be something like prefacing the Mass Effect 2 Galaxy Map theme with some thoughts the composer had while writing the piece. That way I get something more out of the song instead of just listening to it again. The rest of the podcast would then either Mass Effect themed, composer themed, or maybe genre themed.