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Today I went to a store and sold several dozen games and my old Xbox; the first time I've ever sold anything back as it happens. This was chiefly just to prevent those games from sitting in some random basement somewhere as I'm going to have to move soon; and while my received price wasn't particularly high it wasn't atrociously terrible either. However I was unable to sell my original PS2 which has the wondrous flaw of cutting discs but it seems like this would eventually become a collector's item for said silliness; and it can play blue discs (whereas the slim PS2 I still have doesn't); but has that come to a point yet or is it still generally unsellable? The only blue discs I have are Dynasty Warriors 2 and Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7 so I'm not really losing out on that much as I can always go listen to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edc4O_4vTa0 for nostalgia and just play a newer DW or Ken's Rage if I want to be a "warrior worth a thousand" for a while (or Samurai Warriors since I felt the need to keep that).

If anyone's interested the two rarest games I sold were Xenogears and Morrowind GoTY for Xbox; I got about 40% of what they're worth but I really think Xenogears is overrated so fuck that and obviously the Xbox port of Morrowind isn't particularly solid (though I did play it for like a month straight that summer); the games that I still have that I figured were too rare to sell are: Hogs of War, Vandal Hearts 2, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2, Xenosaga 3, Suikoden V, RoTK IX, and Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

And of course I kept Vagrant Story and its OST because you'd have to be a lunatic to sell something so precious, so beautiful, so magnificent.

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You're right in that Dark Alliance 2 is crazy rare. That's about all the input I have on this topic.

I used to play Dark Alliance 1 with my brother all the time, but then when I went to try to find and buy 2 it was damn impossible for me to find at a decent price.

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The weirdest thing is that Dark Alliance 2 was really easy to find for a while. Around 2008-2009 I saw it everywhere, but I could only afford one and went with the first one, because I obviously wanted to play them in order. Once I had beaten it I no longer could find Dark Alliance 2 anywhere.