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As someone who's loved (and hated) his fair share of Star Wars games in the past, I have to wonder what this means for Star Wars games going forwards. Especially games in the works right now like 1313. Has there been any statement on any of the video game stuff and how internal projects not being licensed out will do after this change over?

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Yep (shift toward social/mobile and away from big-budget console/PC) but nothing really concrete yet.

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They haven't said anything. I hope they stay with 1313 at least. In my wildest dreams, they would make another Battlefront game but probably not...

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I could have sworn i heard something about how 1313 was unaffected by the purchase but it would be their last game. Also that any future Star Wars games would be handled by outside studios.

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I heard the news about the shift to social and mobile ecosystems. It makes me wonder about the nature of the movies then if they trying to attract a social/mobile audience. Not to fall to stereotypes but who is the primary demographic in the social/mobile ecosystem? Because they will likely be who the films are geared towards. The only thought I have is that the social and mobile ecosystem is where the most people are meaning the more casual fans of entertainment. Would that mean the new films would mirror a "The Avengers" tone?

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EA or Activision will get the rights. I am hoping its EA, atleast with them we may get a chance for some space simulator. Plus, Bioware could make a proper KOTOR installment again. EA will take some sort of risk.

Activision would just make some crappy COD spinoff/whatever so they could just iterate it every year. Course I would change my tune if Blizzard ever wanted to play with the franchise. But I really doubt they do.

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@flindip: I hope NO ONE gets exclusive rights. Having a lot of hands in the Star Wars pie could prove to be pretty cool. Man, I am so bumed that the concept for Battlefronts III never came around. Flying from space down to the planet sounded awesome. Maybe a next gen title?

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Less games I think have been the only word, or at least a lower focus on Star Wars games and more focus just on the movies.