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I should give a heads up, I'm that one random guy that didn't like WoW. Aside from that anyone have suggestions?

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What about WoW did you not like, and what are you looking for?

Also how f2p do you want your f2p mmo to be?

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You really need to be more specific in what you didn't like and what you do like.

In the F2P you can get a huge range of mmo games from your standard mmo like TERA to Path of the Exile, a Diablo style game, to the Dota2 / League of Legends moba games. Not all are your standard mmo, but since you said you didn't like WoW I gave a few more options since you didn't really specify what you are looking for.

Haven't played all of them, but from what I heard none are pay-to-win but provide perks for paying.

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Just started playing Neverwinter and it seems pretty cool. Still plays like an MMO, and I don't necessarily love the genre, but I'm enjoying it, so perhaps that says something.

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By f2p are you referring to those who also called buy 2 power?

I don't like this industry at all, all those f2p games have built in cash shops which offers grate advantage over those who won't be able to buy these items, I think investing any play in a F2P game is a waste because there will always be that one who got that ultra nova skill from the cash shop.