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Poll: Any problems with your new consoles? (146 votes)

I bought a PS4 and it's OK so far. 22%
I bought a PS4 and there's alaready something busted. 1%
I bought an Xbox One and it's OK so far. 9%
I bought an Xbox One and there's already something busted. 1%
I bought both consoles. They're both working fine! 5%
I bought both consoles. One is having issues, the other isn't. 3%
I bought both consoles, and both are experiencing issues. WHAT KIND OF BENEVOLENT GOD WOULD ALLOW THIS?! 1%
See Results. 57%

Given various reports of the PS4 and Xbox One having issues of varying degrees and types, I figured maybe trying to get a general tab on the community here might not be a bad idea. Personally, I have a PS4 and there's nothing wrong with it as of the last time I used it, but I also have yet to insert a disc, so who knows.

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Got a PS4 and for the most part no issues. Only had one weird thing happen where I came back from standby and had no audio at all, did a reboot and wasn't an issue.

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My Xbox One took almost 12 hours of error screens to give me the day one update. It's been 100% fine ever since.

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I'm really interested to see how this poll turns out, what with the assurances that the "vocal minority" of people complaining about busted consoles is less than 1% of the total users. For the record my PS4 has been perfectly fine so far.

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Got an Xbox with a drive full of angry squirrels. I'll call and get a replacement sent out early next week. In the meantime, it's great otherwise...I downloaded AC4 and KI and have been having fun.

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My PS4 has frozen to a point where I had to unplug it twice which is a terrifying experience every time, but other than that it's been great. That's a pretty huge but though.

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No xone okay

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PS4 been a-ok since day one.

ONLY problem I've had was the download speed on the PSN during primetime for a patch. Which could have been from any number of things, including my iffy router.

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I bought a PS4 and I've had no real problems so far.

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Bought PS4 and Xbox One.

PS4 fan was loud on first night, and sometime during the night totally failed, causing system to overheat in minutes. Going through SCEA warranty has been smooth and fast (started talking to customer service on wednesday, received coffin on thursday, got confirmation of coffin reception on friday, and should get exchange unit on monday or tuesday; they're covering 100% of the cost).

Xbox One has no issues after 24 hours, but I haven't tried the disc drive.

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I got a ps4 at launch, but didn't get to first use it till last Monday. I connected it through wifi and the patch went by fast in about 15 minutes it was up and running. The only problem I ran into was connecting it to Facebook. It froze on that screen for about 45 minutes.

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My only problem with my PS4 is I don't have enough time to play it.

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I received my PS4 on launch and besides not being able to sign in for the first few hours on launch day I've had no problems. At the last minute I decided to cancel my XBO pre-order so I can't really comment on it. I'll probably end up picking one up some time next year though.

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Lol, see results winning = no one on this site buying these consoles = this community being extremely intelligent for waiting

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Yes, my PS4 has one major problem, it isn't printing more money for me to buy games to play on it.

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I have both. Of course they work fine. Complaints are just from a vocal minority like every cycle.

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Closest thing to a problem I've had is with Battlefield crashing and erasing my save over and over. Good thing I'm just playing multiplayer.

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Closest thing to a problem I've had is with Battlefield crashing and erasing my save over and over. Good thing I'm just playing multiplayer.

A 2 second google search would have told you thats related to EA not being able to start sell ing finished games than a problem with the console itself. BF4 is SimCity 2.0.

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Closest thing to a problem I've had is with Battlefield crashing and erasing my save over and over. Good thing I'm just playing multiplayer.

Dont worry, you'll get double XP for that