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#1 Posted by saoakden (189 posts) -

There are a number video game series or franchises that get new installments while others don't for one reason or another. Is there any series or franchise that you feel should get a new installment? If yes, which franchise or series do you feel deserves a new installment?

For me I want to see a new Metroid game, F-Zero, Megaman The original series and X series.

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Since DICE is making a new Battlefront and it's all but confirmed that Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3 exist in some form or another, I actually can't think of any other franchises I'm frothing at the mouth to see get new installments. I guess I wouldn't mind a new Battle for Middle Earth game, provided EA didn't stick it full of F2P, microtransaction bullshit.

#3 Posted by Whamola (135 posts) -



Super Chase H.Q.


Megaman Legends

Smash TV

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

#4 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5906 posts) -

I'd like a sequel to SWAT 4. That game was the tits.

#5 Posted by Ind1gnation (32 posts) -

Grandia, because nostalgia. Too bad the design duder passed away

#6 Edited by Aegon (7002 posts) -

1) Ghost Trick.

2) Jak...a proper sequel.

3) I don't necessarily want a sequel to Okami, but a grand open world adventure with a unique art style directed by Kamiya would be cool.

#7 Edited by ArtisanBreads (6174 posts) -

I'm not going to go far back because that's a reach.

As far as recent, if Dragon's Dogma II isn't made that is a travesty. That game is a sequel away from being absolutely incredible. Just needs more content and polish on the base that they made. And in my opinion, more of an open structure to the world with multiple hubs.

#8 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1931 posts) -

Just gonna say it


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That series really is a forgotten gem from the PS2 era.

#10 Edited by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

Snowboard Kids.

I will buy any console for it.

#11 Posted by oliver (145 posts) -

Legacy of kain the last one was kinda open to one it's a sharm a great reboot open world vamper action RPG be mad

#12 Posted by mordukai (8051 posts) -

Yeah, Legacy of Kain.

#13 Posted by Hunter5024 (6599 posts) -

I have a really outdated list about this. I really ought to update my lists. Here's some cherry picked ones:

A third Chrono Game would make me so happy. Knowing modern Square though I bet it would end up being a f2p ios multiplayer card game or whatever. Speaking of which...

A real Breath of Fire would be nice.

Pokemon Snap. That game was straight dope.

A proper Tony Hawk game, where they're given the time they need to do it right.

Nintendo developed Star Fox game.

Prince of Persia.

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#15 Posted by Sinusoidal (2666 posts) -

I want a next-gen Space Harrier. Or a new Parodius.

#16 Edited by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
  • Metroid, not Prime, but Metroid.
  • A new Ouendan or EBA game.
  • A non-Lords of Shadow Castlevania game. (Free Igarashi!)

#17 Posted by fisk0 (5773 posts) -

Colony Wars, the PS4 needs an exclusive space shooter

Descent, the world needs more 6DOF FPS games

Aquanox, the world needs more underwater 6DOF FPS games

Ecco the Dolphin, the world needs more underwater games featuring dolphins

Mechanized Assault & Exploration, I want more sci-fi hybrid RTS/TBS games :(

Hexen, someone should save Raven from the COD map pack workshop so they can keep doing what matters, fantasy FPS games.

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#18 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

Honestly, not really.

Not in name. But perhaps in the style of spiritual successor type stuff. Like Dragon Age: Origins was the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate.

Bringing back any old game always has the trouble of balancing making it modern and innovative while not betraying the originals Too much trouble to be worth it.

Very few success stories in bringing back old franchises and LOTS and LOTS of angry forum posts.

#19 Posted by JJOR64 (19620 posts) -

Tomba. Also Onimusha would be cool to.

#20 Posted by Broomhitches (177 posts) -


#21 Posted by jawmuncher (17 posts) -

I'm still waiting on a new Dino Crisis game. Just about anything would be better than Dino Crisis 3. Shame the series ended on that clunker.

#22 Edited by SgtSphynx (2231 posts) -

Vagrant Story



Chrono Trigger

Breath of Fire

#23 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5625 posts) -

Condemned 3 needs to happen. Although it won't. Apparently Monolith is content to just suck nowadays.

#24 Posted by BeachThunder (13903 posts) -

@fisk0 said:
Ecco the Dolphin, the world needs more underwater games featuring dolphins

This is correct.

Also, I want a new 2D Zelda ;__;

#25 Posted by ToTheNines (1257 posts) -

Persona 5 already, jesus fucking christ.

#26 Posted by tsutohiro (371 posts) -

Vagrant Story (been waiting for a sequel to this since the moment I finished it)

Ogre Battle (a proper sequel to MotBQ, not another LUCT tactic version)

Final Fantasy Tactics (the advance games don't count, I need one following the story of the original)

Maybe I just want an original, next level Yasumi Matsuno joint.

#27 Edited by 2HeadedNinja (2148 posts) -

I really really really really really really want a new Freedom Force game.

#28 Posted by Capum15 (5438 posts) -

Mercenaries 3.

Fucking god damnit, EA.

Mercs 2 is still my favorite game, simply because EA closed Pandemic and cancelled it. Killed a bit of my soul, that announcement.

I hope they eventually bring it back since they're doing Battlefront again.

#29 Posted by hermes (1909 posts) -

So far no one mentioned this one?

Yes, a new Freespace needs to happen, no matter how unlikely that is...

#30 Posted by Marcsman (3440 posts) -

As always I will be the broken record and say

Dark Cloud

#31 Posted by FirebirdINF (283 posts) -

Star Wars Battlefront

#32 Posted by Firepaw (2926 posts) -

The same answer everytime this question appears.

No One Lives Forever

#33 Edited by TheBluthCompany (466 posts) -

Jade Empire 2

Kotor 3

Beta Protocol

#34 Posted by SgtSphynx (2231 posts) -

Maybe I just want an original, next level Yasumi Matsuno joint.

I'd willingly take this over a sequel to any of the series I listed.

#35 Posted by Cleron (33 posts) -

A reboot of the Uprising series. I played my copy of Uprising 2 to death as a kid. It's an Interesting mix of RTS & Shooter.

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#37 Posted by PimblyCharles (1822 posts) -

I'd like a sequel to SWAT 4. That game was the tits.

You're in my way, sir.

#38 Posted by GnuStylo (28 posts) -

This would be my selection. I know they did a third but it just didn't hit any of the same notes that the second one did in my opinion. This was the game that got me into games....and in my mind it is also the original Mass Effect. Now that I think about it, it kind've has been remade...I just miss fwiffo.

#39 Posted by SgtSphynx (2231 posts) -

Just reminded of another one...

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

#40 Posted by boatorious (121 posts) -

I'd love to see a new Space Marine or Dawn of War game from Relic. The whole THQ bankruptcy made that pretty much impossible, though. And even without the breakup, I think Space Marine was a sales disappointment.

#41 Edited by THRICE_604 (217 posts) -

All I want is Konami to just make another good Silent Hill. Team Silent hasn't made a SH since The Room. They've been farming the series out all over and none of the western devs have done the originals justice. I don't know if Konami in house will be much better or if they just need to pony up for a better studio or what. But come on guys don't let this franchise go out on Downpour.

#42 Posted by gokaired (581 posts) -

Good suggestions here, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom needs a sequel bad.

to a lesser extent Majora's Mask and Street Fighter Alpha 3 sequel.

#43 Posted by marc (742 posts) -

Parasite Eve

#44 Edited by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles. Sega should offer people money for their copy of VC2, burn the physical copies, fire whoever thought making an amazing game concept into moeblob high school drama bullshit was a good idea and make a proper sequel on the PS4 with the same amazing engine as VC1.(with better rez and fsaa)

As an extra apology, Sega should give everyone who bought VC1 a 30% discount on the new game for their suffering.

I don't ever think I ever have been as mad at anime and video games as the day I played VC2.

#45 Posted by falserelic (5725 posts) -

Alone in the Dark (That ending needs some revelation in a sequel)

Duke Nukem ( Duke3d is still one of my favorite shooters, I don't want it to end because of DNF's failings)

Shadows Of the Damned (I wonder what happened to Garcia fucking Hotspur)

Ninja Blade ( I definitely would like to see more over the top ninja action)

The Suffering

Silent Hill ( I want a great horror experience from the original devs)

Extermination( A reboot would be nice for this game)

Well that's all I can think of for now.

#46 Posted by ikilledthedj (400 posts) -

@marc said:

Parasite Eve

And not some handheld crap like the 3rd birthday give me another Parasite Eve II

#47 Posted by corruptsaves (280 posts) -

NBA street V3 - Homecourt just felt a bit flat.

#48 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6482 posts) -

Give me more Nuts and Bolts!

#49 Posted by Inevpatoria (6816 posts) -

Call of Duty

#50 Edited by SomberOwl (908 posts) -

If done properly I would love to see a new SOCOM harking back to the SOCOM 2 routes. And a new Twisted Metal also made similar to TM2.