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Quick Looks aren't what they use to be. It's no longer jokes and gameplay anymore. It's more like going down a feature list and telling you how the game works, which is boring.

I find my myself turning quick looks off a 3rd of the way in or however many minutes it makes me tired/bored.

I really miss all the fun and joking around they use to be, that's what really attracted me to the site in the first place.

Anybody else feel the same way?

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Vinny ones are still great.

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.....But they're still funny.

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@Entus said:

Vinny ones are still great.


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Farm Simulator QL was the best thing internet has gave me last couple of months.

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@Bocam said:

@Entus said:

Vinny ones are still great.


Vinny should be featured more, he just makes things more enjoyable automatically.

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Yes. Also, there is less extra weird features going on. Like the fun sporadic videos they used to make, such as the one where Jeff "raps/rants" about the low scores of Too Human. Stuff like Ryan's "This Ain't No Game". The Endurance Runs.

We have to go back in history to dig fun stuff up. Horse Meet Rider etc. We need more. Fresh. Like Zombies crave brains.

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@Entus said:

Vinny ones are still great.


18:25 - never forget

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@Sin4profit said:

@Bocam said:

@Entus said:

Vinny ones are still great.


18:25 - never forget

This was going to be my "most may be boring, but there's still some gems" defense.

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I never did understand how people manage to sit through them all the way, especially when it's like Ryan and Patrick.

Unless it's the holy trinity I can pass most of them. (Vinny, Drew, Dave)

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Usually you can tell the direction a QL will go within the first 5-10 minutes. If all else fails just stick to TurboMan's "Best of" series, new videos every 1-2 months.

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Maybe. I can't tell if thats the case or if the general novelty of it all just wore off a bit. I also miss the endurance runs of shitty/awesome games. I do however love the flight club and the random pc game videos.

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Vinny quicklooks never disappoint.

Same for Drew and Dave, but they are rarely in them

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They can't be "on the spot" all the time (took me a few to come up with this joke) but they must be doing something well if I'm watching ever quick look they've done. I know on other sites if videos are released I'm rather picky and don't watch everything released.

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I think it entirely depends on who is in the quick look. If its Patrick, its going to be more boring where it feels like he is reading off a check list. That is just his style I guess. I can rarely finish his because they're just not that entertaining. I find myself thinking "why am I watching this guy play and explain a game I have no interest in?" It feels like an educational lesson, not an entertaining video. I think Patrick is fine, he's just easily the least entertaining of the crew.

Now Vinny on the other hand, I will watch him quick look anything. He seems to remember games are meant to be fun and tries to have the most fun possible. I love that he basically tries to break the game.

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That flight sim QL was goddamn hilarious. No idea what you're on about.

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No. It depends on the game, like always. 
Sometimes they seem to have a more serious outlook especially when it's a game they really had interest in. 
On the funny ones they always get complaints that they are being to dismissive or not paying attention. 
There is no winning with you internet haha

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I think a lot of them now don't really do the proper job that a quick look is suppose to do, which is inform the viewer on what the game is and provide them with useful information.

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I was under the impression that more and more QLs are meant to serve as a semi-review, where the features are run down and demonstrates, and opinion/exposition about them is given, etc. So in that sense, yes, they aren't buck-wild like they used to be, but that's not always the point anymore. That craziness is reserved for games which otherwise wouldn't feature much, such as Ravaged, or Roller Coaster Rampage.

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I still enjoy them. QL's are basically the only video game related content I consume these days(well I still watch CGR and LGR on youtube). I do feel like they are covering way too much Indie trash though and Patrick can be sooo boring to listen to. Its not a big deal, I am still excited when I load up GB and I see a new QL.

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Yeah, definitely. When the site started up until the demise of Whiskey Media, I don't think I missed a QL that entire time. Since then though, I barely watch any unless it's a game that looks interesting to me or has either Dave, Drew or Vinny in it. Sorry other dudes, but they are by far the most likeable and amusing members of the staff. Don't hate me for saying so.

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Yes, but I've kindof went into this on a different thread. Honestly when I saw the timer at over an hour for the Halo 4 quicklook I went and watched a video review elsewhere.

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Farming Simulator, Ravaged, Aerofly...

If anything, they are getting more hilarious!

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Nope. I think you're just agitated and need to go back to sleep so you can wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. I know forums are made for "discussion," but wouldn't it be more productive (and less whinish) to maybe directly contact the bomb-crew with these sort of complaints? Maybe rally up some people that think like you and do something? I still enjoy the videos to this day, (hence the reason I continue my support) and I'll agree that some are stale, but I think it's expecting a bit much for 100% perfection when the site never guaranteed it.

Not to mention, I think it depends more on the type of game they are quick-looking in the first place. It's kind of hard to be funny when rambling on with a triple-A title, but quite easy when playing the seizure fest known as Hotline: Miami. I've gone back to previous quick-looks from time to time (usually when doing something tedious around the house) and I just cannot agree with the sentiment that is implied with the title that the quick-looks used to be this amazing thing. They've been Giantbomb since they started.

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I don't think many of the recent video games could provide the entertainment value people look for in quick looks (especially dense games). Of course, Vinny and sports games are always the exception. I also have to agree with the majority's feelings on Patrick: he can write entertaining stuff, and some of his commentary is fine, but doesn't have the quick looks down. Too much time on breaking down the video game at hand, but he can change that.

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They are more informative and less "crazy friends having fun". But from time to time it’s still some good old fun (like Drew, Vinny and Dave quicklook).

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I think this thread pops up during every pre-thanksgiving release window because it's the time they get the most traffic and the time the most people are looking for the most informative stuff. I honestly think there are more dumb quick looks than ever and there'll be more spontaneous stuff around december.

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If the people playing it are excited for about playing the game or generally interested in whats going on, then it's great to watch.

However, when they don't care or are just meh about the game then it's super boring. Not talking about shitting on a bad game because those QL are quite fun, but when the guys are indifferent kind of like Jeff is in a lot of the QL it's quite boring.

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There should just be a forum section called "Does anyone else think?" where all this crap can go.

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Yes. There are still gems every so often but I can barely make it through an entire quick look these days. While when I first found the site I spent hours going through all of the old content.

To be honest it's probaby just over-saturation. You've watched so much GB content that it's no longer new or exciting.

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Yes, most of them are boring. Except the ones with Vinny or Jeff/Ryan combo.

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Maybe the guys are getting older. The craziness of youth has disappeared.

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The only quick looks I have watched the full way through for the last year are the Vinny ones because he's the only one that seems happy to be doing it or playing the game. The Halo 4 one made me sick. Jeff has gone too negative for me.

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I find Jeff combined with Brad quick looks to be a bit boring. I like both of them when they are paired with either Ryan or Vinny but together it just makes for a very dry quick look. I actually like Patrick quick looks as well. He does go off on educational tangents but he always sounds really enthusiastic about things (whereas Jeff is usually enthusiastic about nothing.)

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I thought the Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes one was great. I thought the Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune one was great. I though Farming Simulator 2013 was great...

So what I'm saying is, no.

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They aren't as entertaining as they used to be. But I think that's because they are a fully established game site now. Back when it was just them in the basement of the old Whiskey Offices, they were probably had more free time to think of weird ideas and would quick look more games.

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Was playing Burnout Paradise lately and went back to see if they quick looked it. Saw this lil gem.

Or this link, since the embed ain't workin.


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They're still pretty hilarious to me. Driving games seem to provide fewer opportunities for humor, but hey, Vinny can't do everything.

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best quick looks are the games that are not the big AAA games.

LMFAO people watch the ravaged quick look. PLEASE! it will change your life.

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Depends on who is doing it. Most of them are pretty .... average? Compared to older ones anyway.

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@MiniPato said:

Loading Video...

Wow, that failed imbed takes me back... The old video player!

Man, thinking back, GB went through quite a few site re-designs during the Whiskey Media days, huh?

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It depends on the game and who's doing it.

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Yeah a little bit. I don't watch all of them but I watch the ones that are games I'm interested in or just curious. Prefer 20min QL's and I find the major weak point being the option menu scrolling & discussion.

Video reviews were kind of better IMO.

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@Entus said:

Vinny ones are still great.