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The gist of it is I'm a mid 30's gamer that is finding less and less time to get in front of the television and play. Basically my wife hates video games and while she doesn't overdo it, hearing her sometimes complain about me playing is getting to be tiresome and takes the fun out of it a little bit.

Recently purchased a 3DS XL on a whim, and have been blown away by the whole experience. I never played handhelds previously to this, and was so taken by it that I've since given my PS3 to my nephew leaving me with a 3DS/Wii U combo.

My dilemma now, if you can call it that, is I really want a Vita! Thinking about trading in my Wii U for a Vita and a couple games/memory card. Kind of scared to go console-less, but at the same time it's kind of exciting. I'm not into FPS at all(motion sickness), so this is one thing I won't miss out on. What do you guys think? Am I nuts to consider this?

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I don't but I'd like to become a Vita-only gamer the coming year, due to time constraints.

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While not technically my only console, my 3DS is what I have ended up playing 90% of the time. ha. I'm a bit of a PC and handhelds man now.

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Man, I don't know. While it's definitely possible to go handheld-only, personally I would be missing out on so much I just wouldn't do it. However, if that's the move you need to make in order to make your wife happy, then I think you have your answer.

Note to self...do not get married to someone who hates video games.

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Hah, I don't want to crap on my wife too much, with regards to video games she has gotten better about it over the years. It's not like she doesn't let me play.

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Is she complaining because you're tying up the TV, or just complaining in general that you play games at home at all? Because if it's the first one you could always switch to playing on a desktop in some kind of office, if she wants the TV to watch...soaps, or romantic comedies, or The Notebook over and over. Dames, amirite? :P Most of the good console games come to PC these days and aren't the crappy, poorly optimized ports they used to be.

But yeah, the 3DS and Vita have some good games, though if it's literally the only platform you're playing stuff on, I fear you might burn through all the currently available games to play kinda quickly? Most of the good 3DS games came out in 2013, and there isn't a ton before that aside from Super Mario 3D Land. And Vita has even less of a must-play catalogue. One way you could stretch it out is to commit hard to the games where you can grind for a long-ass time, like Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey, etc.

Or did you play the DS very much? Because if you're willing to track down some games from Amazon or wherever, the DS back catalogue should be enough to keep you busy on a 3DS for years, between all the good RPGs and Professor Laytons and whatnot.

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I'd feel like I am missing out on a lot if I played handhelds only.

Is it possible for you to have your own space somewhere?

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Basically I really want to play Persona 4, and Final Fantasy. I feel like it would be worth it for these. But maybe I just need to relax and stick with the Wii U yeah.

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I should say as well, it's not all about my wife. Mainly I don't have the time to devote to sitting down in the living room after a long day of work, with kids running around, plop my feet up on the coffee table and play vide games. It makes me a sitting target! But yeah, portables are good because of that wonderful sleep mode and the ability to move from room to room with them.

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Although there is technically PS3 in my living room, my 3DS has been the sole console I play games on for the better part of 2 years. Most genres are well represented outside of shooters, sports and racing, so if you can live without those, you're golden. I would never be able to get through a game anymore if it wasn't for being able to play on the subway, at lunch, on the couch while the wife watches tv, etc. It's definitely doable, and being able to get most games on the eshop (or PSN) makes it even easier.

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I spent a year living in Asia with only my vita for company. It was actually pretty awesome. When you only have one device (and this is relevant to all electronic devices) you find you utilise it to its full extent.

I find that the more devices you have there can be an increased chance of under utilisation.

It was awesome to use the vita. Download games, play them fully and move on.

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Not exclusively, but mostly. Personally, I think the 3ds put out the best games last year, both in quality and quantity. (Eight outta ten games on my GOTY list were 3ds)

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Well, I only have my PC and my 3DS. I assume you're also not able to play PC games?

The good thing about the 3DS is that it has huge catalogue of old Nintendo (and Sega) games. I'm currently playing through Super Mario Bros. 3 and I'll probably move on to Ecco the Dolphin after that.

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No, I have a Mac so computer gaming outside of emulation stuff is out of the question unfortunately.

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2013 was, for me, a year that was totally dominated by PC games and handheld games; consoles barely got a look in except for The Last of Us and a couple other games. I can't imagine just having handheld games, but it's totally feasible, especially if you're into retro stuff and your gaming interests are more Japan-focused. And there are games that you can play on Macs, depending on how good your system is. Steam even has a whole section of their store highlighting games that are Mac compatible. It's mostly indie games and niche stuff, but it's another way to play games without being "a sitting target".

Also, have you considered playing games with the kids? Maybe wife would appreciate that more than just you playing by yourself. I get the feeling that the general quality of kids games has gone up in recent years, considering the quality of the Lego games and such, and the huge influence Minecraft has had among the younger demographic.

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@brian_emo: I have a Mac mini and I still game on it. what I did was I split the hard drive in half and used boot camp to install Windows so I can play more games. In 720p resolutions the little machine can actually play some good games, been playing both new Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs on it with no problem, and then there is always steam for the Mac with some games. So mainly you do have gaming options with your Mac. But of course check your specs mine is a Intel I5 with the integrated Intel Hd 4000 video card, nothing amazing but more then some have I guess.

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I have nightmares that I end up in a marriage with a woman who doesn't like video games and makes me watch endless remakes of The Notebook and the endless rampage of shitty cop dramas on television.

It's basically just a recurring dream where the closest I get to playing games is turning on an Xbox One to switch to the cable box.

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I wish I didn't mention the wife really bc it's more me that's really getting carried away with idea of handheld gaming in a way I never had imagined I could. I just wanted to see if there are any Vita/3DS only peeps out there who can give me that final push, hah.

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Yeah, that's fair. I understand that at a certain point, a family lifestyle with a wife and kids just makes it hard to find time to sit down in the living room in peace without there being a bunch of stuff going on.

So yeah, by all means, find every game you can on the 3DS and Vita! And like I said earlier, maybe track down some gems from the DS era that you haven't played. They still look pretty decent on the 3DS screen.

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yeah basically it's a wii u for vita + memory card trade that i'm angling for.