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I can't find the last root.

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Hello!  I'm afraid I don't have the answer - I'm stuck too. Anybody out there? Throw me a bone!

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It took me forever, too.  Click on mountains, trees,  rocks, plants, logs, even snowman on one of the islands, even buildings.  My last was behind a mountain. Couldn't even see it.

Anyone gotten to the Cloud Island yet?  Can't get my Scout gal to get out of the beginning area -- it's a circle/oval shape and no matter where I place the eye to guide her, she's blocked.  UGH! LOL
LOVE the game, though! :D

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there are 2 roots up in the top left of the map both are hidden in the trees.  don't forget to check all the green slime pits. most of the other roots I found hidden near or behind rock mountains, thorn bushes, fallen logs, and trees.  I hope this helps.

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I have a tip for myst island as well.  Look very carfully at your small map in the bottom left of your sceen.  If you look close enough it will show you small trails where the mist is not so dense.  That was the only way I could find all my light orbs and other goodies.

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hi, not sure if this will help anyone
i found one behind a log, one inside one of  the green goo things
theres one in or around a tree i think...
oh and the one i really had trouble finding was hidden in the green roots, theres a few patches of green roots but this patch is near the shadow and it was at the bottom of the patch
good luck