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Anyone here living in Oil Country who'd be interested in Game Jaming? There seems to have been a handful of game jams in E-town I think, though I've missed them all (sad face). To be honest I can barely find any news/info/games about any of the game jams that happened/(did they happen??) here so, uh, yeah. If there's a site for a 2013 game jam please direct me to it, though I may still want to set up something on my own. Got space for 30 or 40 in the office and a shwack of computers but I assume people would bring their own too. Haven't finalized the space but it's 80% sure.

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I vote for Edmonsters.

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Aw.... I would have loved to; but I currently live in Boston for school.

If you'd like any remote sound design/music, I'd be happy to provide though!